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I wonder if any of these services you can pay to keep you removed from data brokers work. I'm not sure how you would even know.

It makes me sad that when people say "frontend" they mean "web frontend" and all other interfaces are ignored.

It makes me sad that when people say "full stack" they mean "full web stack" and all other platforms are ignored. Working on javascript and javascript isn't very full.

I always give people crap about this when they say "full stack". I'll say "Oh cool! So mobile and desktop apps too? Not a a lot of you out there these days" and they get disgusted and say "wtf no I work on the web".


I just got a message from somebody letting me know that an individual has died.

And I had no idea who this person was. I guess I'm supposed to, and it's clear that I must have known that at some point... but I'm drawing a blank.

When it's your birthday you can't help but think "That'll be you soon, Gabe. Somebody will let everyone know that you died and nobody will remember who you were."

I don't remember what happened in the last season of Stranger Things, and I don't really care that I don't remember.

I can't be the only one that feels this way.

Patreon is, at a corporate level, building bands? Give big tech a few years and we'll probably see more of it. It's not much different than how original video content is being made by Amazon, Apple, Netflix, etc. Next up, they'll be the record labels and promoters. Patreon, YouTube and Twitch are already the paychecks for media creators, so it's a small leap to make it official and just control the whole thing and buy band tshirts with Amazon Prime logos.

I've determined that the optimal level of celebrity is that of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You wouldn't be famous enough where most people would recognize you on the street, but real fans still would. But you'd be famous enough where if you wanted to take part in a Star Wars series you could make that happen.

It's the sweet spot.

If you livestream on a Fediverse platform such as #PeerTube or #OwnCast, send me a message if you want me to advertise your stream 👍

NOW PLAYING: Get Ready with Andrina

We welcome Andrina back to the Jnktn schedule, and she's gone all 90s for her makeup tutorial today.

Come join in on the fun!


has been unreachable for me since yesterday, but it's fine through Tor and others say it's fine for them. Weird.

Some people are money poor but love rich. I’m money and love poor but covid test rich.

my boss asked me the other day wrt dating, where people meet irl. I honestly had no idea what to say. COVID has certainly made public gatherings even less likely, but I would argue it was already on the decline. I have thought for a while that it would be very nice if solely encouraged in-person gatherings. But that is not the case. Now I'm thinking, man, it would be nice if federated platforms did that. Obviously this wouldn't apply to those who are attempting to remain anonymous...

Does anybody have suggestions for performing layout testing of web apps? Primarily I'm looking to automate, as much as possible, the question "Is this page working on different mobile devices?" Since I already use Storybook it seems like Chromatic is a recommended solution by that same organization, but I also know it's a commercial product. Not that I'm opposed to it, I'm just curious what other people do that works and doesn't require a lot of hands-on management.


Good one today.



There's a crow I give water and food to. I wish I could let him know I'd be ok if he came in my window and hung out with me. But maybe that's too much to expect of our relationship.

Since I know it's keeping you all up at night, here's what I decided on:

Instead of using xstate as global state, it's local to a store. The state machine is one piece of data that's used in Recoil selectors who are ultimately what's used in components to get the final derived data.

Sleep well.

/cc @nicknisi so he can cringe at my use of xstate.

I got USPS shipping notifications to my email and I was excited that something cool might be on its way, but then realized it's just more COVID tests.

One piece of big tech that people don't talk about is how they control, via monetary payouts, what content is put out in the world.

We hear people saying "YouTube is a blessing, it lets small creators like me make a living making content", but these same "independent" creators are kept up at night fearing the wrath of these companies. So they have to make watered down content, bleeping out words like "naked" because they are terrified of demonetization. There's noting independent about them.

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