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I don’t know why. But I had my commit history 3D printed.

Happy Saturday everyone! After a 5 month hiatus, we are happy to announce that is to return NEXT WEEK, on Saturday 14th May. Excited doesn't quite cut it!

Add us to your calendar and be there or be a regular quadrilateral, since this isn't one to miss! We're really looking forward to connecting with you all again.

Schedule released Monday.

The countdown begins!

#jnktn #livestream #live #stream #radio #music #owncast #opensource #radioshow

I just heard a web view being called a "high-performance native application".

If anybody wants to see Front Line Assembly in SF (ft Skold!) I have an extra ticket tonight because I literally don’t know another person.

If my life would have gone even just slightly differently my complete identity would be "that guy who runs AIX at home for some reason". It got awful close for a while.

Hello everyone, I found out about this FOSS UX workshop:

"If you like being a part of the OSS community and making sure software is easy to use, the OSS-Usability Lab at McGill University and Polytechnique Montreal are still looking for participants for our design workshop study!

Participants will work with two teammates to design a tool that will help improve the usability of FOSS. It will be a fun time and be compensated 60CAD for participating. (total 3h)


LIVE NOW: Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words and phrases with a sequence of musical tones and rhythms.

#music #songwriter #piano #acoustic #owncast

This is a fatal error. Fatal! Your application will crash. Except it won't. You can ignore it. Maybe a specific scenario happened. I expect you to know if that happened or not. Happy to help.

So many Javascript projects have output that looks like this. At a glance you'd think this is a bunch of errors, but no... this is what "success" looks like.

Hello and good day to all musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Last year's FediVision event was a fun success, so this year we're doing it again.

#FediVision is a fediverse-wide music competition and celebration, inspired by the much bigger and better financed Eurovision Song Contest.

The main event and final voting period will be on Saturday, May 14th.

To organise the song submissions and all the info and FAQs, we've made a website:


About once a year I put out a call on the Fediverse for people from the area to meet up. I'm trying again!

If you're from the Bay Area, we should get together and grab a beer or something.

It's been a while since I've streamed a DJ set. If I scheduled something for this week would you be interested in hanging out and listening to some tunes with me?

If anyone would like #visuals for their #music let me know. I make #generative stuff with #resolume for my own releases but want to build an #art portfolio so eventually I can start selling visuals online. Including my latest below

The web:

- Makes you download an entire user interface each time you consume data.
- Limits everyone to a single user experience.
- Adds complexity to projects because you have to build a complete user interface each time.
- Relies on a small collection of browser vendors.
- Native to no platform.


- Gives people choices for the interface they want to use, picking the features that are right for them.
- Are fast.
- Can read data from multiple sources.
- Native to your platform.

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