Some people are money poor but love rich. I’m money and love poor but covid test rich.

Oh really? You created an email with an attention-grabbing subject line to make people click on it, and now you think it was a mistake? I'm sure your marketing team is calling it a success.

Here’s an meme that only users of the software will understand.

I won’t have anybody to spend my birthday with later this month, but it’s nice the people I pay to let me work from their desks are kind to me even though I can’t afford to be a full time member here. They treat me like I am anyway, and are giving me an office birthday lunch today.

I read this as "Respect the UX" and thought "designers are really getting pushy".

New addition to my small but meaningful vinyl collection.

I don’t know why. But I had my commit history 3D printed.

This is a fatal error. Fatal! Your application will crash. Except it won't. You can ignore it. Maybe a specific scenario happened. I expect you to know if that happened or not. Happy to help.

So many Javascript projects have output that looks like this. At a glance you'd think this is a bunch of errors, but no... this is what "success" looks like.

We all like to talk about decentralization and what it means.

This is my tv. Each of these streams are a completely different server run by a an independent person. I select one when I want to watch it.

I love this simple straightforward decentralization. Let people run stuff. You consume people’s stuff. This is how the internet was supposed to be.

One of the biggest nights of the year: Anniversary Night. 29 years of Goth'ing it up in San Francisco. The longest running goth night in the US, second longest in the world!

This anniversary has been cancelled the past two years, so tonight is kind of a big deal.


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