I'm running an unsupported version of Nextcloud, but at this point I'm afraid of trying to update it because I don't trust that mess of PHP scripts to have a good upgrade path and not wipe all my data in some kind of failed migration. Sure, I have backups, but having a working Nextcloud is something I rely on.

Nextcloud falls into that weird place where I like it, and use it, but it's always kind of been a mess and once it works I don't touch it.

@gabek I feel the same! I love love love Nextcloud and all the folks behind it. Plus it's leagues better than it used to be, but yeah some upgrade are better than others. 😊

Felt the same with an hosted instance.
Liked it, used it was working fine.
Till the moment when I've deleted a folder, and it deleted everything... And even without moving it to the trash!
Luckily, service admins were able to almost fully recover a backup... After a month of attempts.
Well, no more on Nextcloud. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@gabek Does it not have a way to export the data into a vendor-agnostic state?

@gabek You could run an updated version of Nextcloud containerized? And then just mount your data folder in the dockers compose file (or equivalent for Podman, efc.).

@gabek Maybe Mount it as read only the data for starters, so it doesn't accidentally get overwritten

@gabek Ah, I see. Is there a way to copy (by value) your internal settings and db, and spin up a new container based on an image with the newer version of Nextcloud and mount the copies?

@gabek I started selfhosting Nextcloud with version 20 and have had great success with upgrades thru version 24 over the last 2-3 years. That said, I still agree that Nextcloud is overall quite janky and doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s the open source cloud solution we have, but maybe not the one we deserve 🤣

@gabek and while this doesn’t help you now, in the future, maybe you’ll be able to solve this issue a little easier with the instance migration functionality they introduced in v24

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