@kev have you tried turning off and back on ;)

@ataraxia937 Very few vpn companies actually support ipv6 at this time. It would be nice if mote companies supported it.
But I have used airvpn which does fully support ipv6 (airvpn.org/forums/topic/28153-)

Thanksgiving (or any other holiday) can be difficult when you have family over. So why not celebrate this Thanksgiving by singing along to these songs from 22 minutes. 😂
Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=IfNP-K0DxG
Invidious (Youtube privacy): invidio.us/watch?v=IfNP-K0DxG4

@ndegruchy I feel the same way sometimes.
We don't need social media to live, sometimes it feels like social media controls us.
Of course you would also be more productive if you didn't have social media to use.

@Tayo exactly what @ndegruchy said.
By default toots are public and anyone (on any instance can see the toot and reply) but you can change a toot privacy settings (before you publish) to unlisted (not showing in public timeline) or followers-only (only your followers see the toot) or direct (only those you mention will see the toot).
As far as I know, there is no way just to toot to the local feed as the point of Mastodon is to federate (and not lock people into one server).

Step 3: Get picture of da volcano
Step 4: Post da picture

@stublad Good here. Welcome to Fosstodon.
@kev and @mike are the admin here and there are plenty of moderators who help run behind the scenes (and can answer any Fossstodon questions you have).

@sjb People put stuff on social media because they get dopamine, they want to show off. A lot of people also don't have a website because they feel like Facebook (or any other social media) is enough and they don't want to pay for their own website (when social media is free for them).

@sjb Social media also tries to get you addicted to it. There are articles online about how Facebook has paid for studies on addiction (and how to make Facebook more addicting).
Also, any social media you post on owns whatever you post on it.

Yes it's irony that I post about social media on a social media site (especially one that is an alternative to birdsite).

I'm interested in your thoughts on this.

"Wanting to share every waking thought became eclipsed by a desire for an increasingly rare commodity — a private life."

If you get blocked by a paywall then go to archive.fo/LHtp7


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