What do you do when it's hot out? Get a drink! Alcohol or non-alcoholic is your choice. Remember to enjoy the season you are currently in (and don't complain about it) as it can quickly change.

@brandon Go ahead (no credit needed). You can tweak it slightly if you want.

@brandon For those that cannot see the image well, it is a picture of a top-bottom satellite view of McGill University health centre (and the places nearby) in Montreal, Quebec.

On July 14th it will be 6 months before Windows 7 is no longer supported, and I still haven't made my decision on what I'm going to do.
I could upgrade to Windows 10 (continue to use all my regular applications, but most likely will get tracked more by Microsoft), or I could move to Linux (most likely Ubuntu which I'm comfortable using but have to find alternatives to many apps that are Windows/Mac only).
Or I could just stay with Windows 7 (and not receive updates).
Decisions, decisions...

@Fatih19 I don't think Anthony likes to be in front of the camera (just by the way you see it in his posture and facial expressions) but he does do a great job when on camera.

@Fatih19 From linus media group? I already watch it on YouTube. Great podcast that sometimes wonderfully goes off topic.

I'm looking for new podcasts to listen to, I'm willing to listen to almost any kind of podcast but do some criteria:
- average episode must be less than 1 hr long
- must have an rss feed (or on iTunes)
- must be English language (don't want to hear someone speaking French).
Let me know any suggestions and/or your current favourite podcast.

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Friendos and cool people.

We still have a barrage of negative reviews (known as review bombing), if you want to help us report their reviews as unhelpful, etc. feel free to head on over to #Tusky's play store page!


If you like what we do, and wanna support the work, you can donate over on #OpenCollective


So I have a "colleague" who doesn't mind that Facebook is selling her information, in fact she recently went to a full-day by Facebook on how to improve.
Some people just don't get that Facebook is evil, I can't wait until Facebook dies....

@ryanleesipes Not checking my email as often (I turned off notifications as soon as I install Thunderbird). I still keep Thunderbird open (it's also my calendar) and I keep checking it more often than I should (about 80% of the time I don't have any new emails).

I would love some sort of feature where I'm not allowed to check my email for a set period of time (but still get calendar notifications).

@bignose Absolutely agree with all of that, it's sad that it happens.

Tons of companies are raising more and more money, one day the investors will come back asking for their money.
I decided to write a blog post on it (gregoryhammond.ca/blog/the-inv).
What are your thoughts on companies that keep raising money?

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"Every service Google makes that you love will someday be sunsetted" —silicon valley proverb

Thinking about switching to (from Win7) on my main computer. Anyone have any tips, tricks or apps (that I should install)? This isn't going to happen right away but at one point I want to get away from Windows.

I delete my toots regularly because I don't want people to easily get info on me. Do a search on OSINT.

@kev It's funny that you are de-googling your life yet you still use google fonts on your site.

'You have enemies? Good. That means you've. stood up for something, sometime in your life.' ~ Winston Churchill


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