Tons of companies are raising more and more money, one day the investors will come back asking for their money.
I decided to write a blog post on it (
What are your thoughts on companies that keep raising money?

@g Investors demand not only their money back; they also hound the company to (sooner or later) return significantly more money to .

This is because big investors, and the millions of small investors, know that a great many of their investments will never break even. So they demand that a small number of them must produce ridiculous multiple returns.

And so that's what all these companies try to do: instead of sustainable business, they chase huge risks, to themselves and others.

@g Companies that are Silicon Valley darlings are either extracting enormous value from others (Google), or have no hope of being viable (Uber), or both.

Investors love pouring money into a company that promises to take something already valuable from public collaboration (internet articles; urban transport; markets) and make it a private monopoly / monopsony. The dream is that will somehow lead to obscene profit returns to capital.

@g In short: Unfettered is insane risk-taking, on the assumption that failed business is inconsequential and the world can absorb an infinite growth of consuming and waste. Capitalism is incompatible with sustained human society.

@bignose Absolutely agree with all of that, it's sad that it happens.

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