Thinking about switching to (from Win7) on my main computer. Anyone have any tips, tricks or apps (that I should install)? This isn't going to happen right away but at one point I want to get away from Windows.

@g What do you do? What do you use on windows?

@g Learning how to use the terminal is always nice. Apps are highly dependant on what you wanna use your machine for.


Start by switching over to some open source apps now while you are still on Windows. For example, see if you can install things like Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, etc. The apps you use will most likely dictate how your experience on Linux (or any other OS) will go, at least initially.

@g I would recommend booting a live cd to test out your hardware. That way you can be prepared for what you will have to do for driver installs if any.

@g is a good site to find software alternatives.

Do you have Virtual Box installed on your Windows machine? You can use it to easily try out different distros and software, before committing to the hardware install.

@g Something that makes it easy to transition is that while a lot of windows software isn't available on Linux, a lot of Linux software is on Windows. So you can start gradually replacing whatever you use on Windows with a Linux-friendly FOSS option and then making the switch isn't so hard.

Also, make backups!

@g depends upon what you want to do. You seem to mention pgp. The Free Software equivalent is gpg - gnu privacy guard, sometimes known as gnupg.

Gimp for photo editing, Libreoffice for word processing/spreadsheet/etc, inkscape for vector drawing. There are many more. I think all of these have windows versions, so you can try them before you make the jump.

I believe Ubuntu is one of the distros where you can boot it from disc and try it out without installing.

@g This might not be a good idea for a first step, but I think you should run Windows in a VM, avoid using it as much as possible, and avoid Windows only software through VM or Wine.

To keep my host clean (normal laptop, 16GBs RAM), I run Linux VMs and containers. This way, I avoid messing up my host packages and I can test closed source Linux apps (ewww) without having to trust them. I use libvirt and virt-manager.

Also, install Steam through Flatpak. Can't live without it. 😀

Back all your datta, windows=out - Linux=in, migrate all your data back and voilà :)
What apps do you use on a daily basis ? What specific peripherals do you have ?

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