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The #CWA community is currently trying to find out who the owner of the @coronawarnapp Twitter account is. If you know who owns this account, please tell us ;)

Die #CoronaWarnApp-Community ist auf der Suche nach dem Accountinhaber des Twitter-Accounts @coronawarnapp. Wenn jemand wei脽, wem das Konto geh枚rt, bitte melden ;)


To test whether this behavior change takes effect in your app, complete the following steps:

4. [Don't fix it yet. 鈥
5. [Try it out. 鈥
6. See which features of your app aren't working.
7. [鈥 F]ix these features.


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A libre build of the Swiss contact tracing application is now available on F-Droid: LibreCHovid! f-droid.org/packages/ch.corona

If you live in Switzerland, it is a better option than CCTG: in case of an infection, you can directly enter the Covidcode you can receive with your positive test result to warn others without needing to call the German TAN hotline.

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Check in with #CCTG. Version is now available through our repository as an automatic update!

The update contains not only check-in functionality 鈥 allowing you to create as well as check in to events and locations via QR codes 鈥, but also reduces the APK size by more than 10 megabytes, fixes remaining visual bugs on Android Lollipop, and warns users on their home screen if Battery Optimizations are not correctly disabled.

We hope you enjoy this release, stay safe.

I added a swoosh animation. Now I want to add swoosh animations all over the place!

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Does anyone know or operate a public LimeSurvey instance?

Enjoy some custom stock photography. Print it on a poster if you like. A variant of this is now our header image at @CCTG.

Assets available here: codeberg.org/corona-contact-tr

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Changelog for today:

* remove some sort of feature
* make app less snappy when doing a specific thing
* include new complicated library
* supposedly this is supposed to be less maintenance effort in the end

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imagination of a better 鈥渃onfirm quit鈥 dialoge 

Are you sure you want to exit?

[ ] Don鈥檛 ask again
[ ] Don鈥檛 ask if low on RAM

[ Exit ] [ Cancel ]

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To our European friends: you can use CCTG outside of Germany! We鈥檝e added an entry to our FAQ containing all the relevant info: codeberg.org/corona-contact-tr

It鈥檚 very short, and yet, here鈥檚 a summary of how you can use our app:
鉁 Record exposures
鉁 Be warned about risk contacts from participating countries
鉁 Warn others (need to call TAN hotline)
鉁 Contact journal (it鈥檚 an offline feature anyway)
鉂 Access your test results

See the attached photo for a list of supported countries.

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#CCTG v1.15.1.0 ist jetzt unter bubu1.eu/cctg als Testversion verf眉gbar.

Es gibt nicht viele Benuzter sichtbare 脛nderungen (codeberg.org/corona-contact-tr)

Aber uff.... das war schon wieder mehr als ein voller Tag Arbeit. 馃槾

But you can use it to listen to bandcamp鈥檚 weekly show (Radio / Bandcamp Weekly)!

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Note: NewPipe doesn鈥檛 support displaying albums on artist鈥檚 profiles at the moment (just individual tracks) so you鈥檒l have to find them via search :/

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My 20 to 30-hour effort from mostly over a year ago finally made it into . You can now use the app to listen to songs on !

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