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If you are encountering a "dmlreadexception" while loading your courses, please stand by – a fix is on its way!

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Since it is only available on F-Droid, I would especially appreciate it if you were to share the app with your non-FOSS friends that you think might benefit from it, and if you would help them install it if needed.

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dawdle, a free software Moodle client for Android, is now available for download at f-droid.org/packages/godau.fyn.

Moodle is an e-learning platform used by many universities and other institutions to provide course material to learners. This application allows you to access them in a very convenient way.

Screenshot material from school.moodledemo.net by Mary, Chris, and Estelle Cooch licensed CC BY-SA, with adaptions.

Time for a language poll, to help me make my software understandable all around the world! 🌏

Please only answer if you do NOT speak German:

Which of these meanings of the "⌀" symbol are familiar to you?

Let's try a different approach, to generate a few options away from the moodle brand:

Tell me your favorite scientific phenomenon, conjecture, observation, proof, experiment, theory, or result!

(Bonus points if it sounds cool.)

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In accordance with trademark law and Moodle’s branding guidelines, the name must not contain the word Moodle.

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If you were making a moodle app, what would you name it?
And what would its icon look like?

Moodle is an open-source e-learning platform, used by teaching institutions like schools to provide material and information, or to provide pure online courses. I am working on a free software Android client for moodle, and it is looking for a name.

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Nach langer Wartezeit haben wir nun endlich ein neues Release veröffentlicht! 🎉

CCTG Version 2.14.1 bringt neben vielen Änderungen der CWA unter anderem bessere Unterstützung für Android 12 und verbesserte Berechtigungsanfragen auf Android 11 und neuer.

CWA-seitig gibt es eine Papierkorb funktion für Tests und Zertifikate, einen besser erreichbaren QR-Scanner, mehr Statistiken, bessere Booster Unterstützung und viele kleinere Verbesserungen.

Die F-Droid Version folgt hoffentlich bald.

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After more than 42 hours of development time, 0.8 is finally ready for download on F-Droid! Please enjoy the many improvements that this release contains:

– Color apps to highlight them on every screen
– Rework bar charts
– Automatic night theme on Android 10+
– Workaround more data bugs
– Charts launcher shortcut
– Further bug fixes: non-refreshing tab bar on next day, incorrect calendar week
– Performance improvements


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(Not all planned features have been implemented as of now. Hence, differences between this video presentation and the final version are to be expected.)

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Cool new features are coming to 0.8!

Be a part of this exciting release by helping out with translating a few strings: weblate.bubu1.eu/projects/usag

0.7 is now available for download on , featuring a long-term history chart.

It also has a fancy new icon my @m4TZ – many thanks!

For further details about the changes, please see the F-Droid changelog.

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#newpipe has had a #freenode #IRC channel for a long time. After the "things" which have happened in the last days and weeks, we bid farewell to freenode and move to #LiberaChat
For more information on how to switch to this new IRC channel, read our short blog post:

Choose design

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