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The law protecting biometric privacy in Illinois is the “gold standard and the kind of thing we’d like to see in all privacy laws,” EFF Senior Staff Attorney @adam_d_schwartz tells @ShiraOvide

Minetest is a FOSS alternative to Minecraft, and has just received a major update. Follow at:

➡️ @Minetest

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and BSD from the official site:

The update makes it much easier to access game modes and mods. If you haven't tried it in a while, it might be worth another look.

Also check out this world-building project called Illuna:

➡️ @illunaminetest

#Minetest #Minecraft #Alternatives #FOSS #Gaming

Sorry, a little bit late but
this is my entry for the #ArtReference from last sunday.

I hope you like it.

#art #mastoart #traditionalart
😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

Why are there no good self-hosted captchas?

Our current #MastoArtHeader is by @brandkopf !

"I'm a hobbyist from Bavaria, doing traditional and digital illustrations. "

If you'd like your art to be featured, it needs to be 1500x500px, and you can toot it to us with the hashtag #MastoArtHeader ^.^ You can include some info about yourself for us to share, or we'll pull it from your profile. :mastoart: :bob_ross:

Apertus develops and promotes FOSS software and open hardware for professional filmmaking. You can follow them at:

➡️ @apertus

Their website is at

One of their flagship products is the Axiom range of open hardware high end film cameras, produced in association with Magic Lantern (the makers of unofficial Canon firmware).

#Apertus #Filmmaking #Film #Art #FOSS #Hardware #Cameras #Movies #OSHW #OpenHardware #Technology

OnionShare 2.3 had a few bugs including anonymous chat mode was broken 😭 but don't worry, we just released OnionShare 2.3.1 and it fixes all of that!

Get it at

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Need something to watch on #TILvids tonight? Check out "The Essential Software Tools of 90s Kids", featuring ICQ, Winzip, Cute FTP, and GetRight! Totally rad!

#90skid #PeerTube

Congratulations to NASA and JPL on their amazing landing of the Perseverance rover! By working together and using science, you have truly shown what humans are capable of! 🚀

#Perseverance #PerseveranceRover #space

2.3 just got release.

The new version will not only easily allow you to share/receive files or host a webpage as a Tor hidden service, it now also enables you to host your own anonymous chat.

OnionShare 1.3.2 is installed by default in . The new version will be available for Tails, as soon as it hits Debian stable.

Shout out to @micahflee for the great work.

President Biden must embrace government transparency, including ending needless secrecy of its mass surveillance programs, EFF and a coalition of open government organizations demanded in a letter today.

Akira is an upcoming free open source UI/UX design tool for Linux. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @akiraux

Akira is aimed at web designers and graphic designers, and is currently in alpha testing. You can find out more at

#Akira #UI #UX #Interface #Design #WebDesign #Software #Development #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #Tools #Productivity

Instance admin just lost their job, might need help is one of the largest and nicest instances on the Fediverse, run by an enthusiastic admin called @stux

Unfortunately Stux has today found out that they are fired from their day job 😞

However, by happy coincidence, Stux had just set up a hosting company. If you need web hosting, domain names etc please consider using Stuxhost so that Stux can continue working:

Here is a good interview about what #TILvids is all about! Take a look if you're interested in a deeper dive about what we're trying to do, and thanks to @tomat0 for the nice write-up!

We know that the LAPD used Ring cameras to get footage during Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. Ring has over 2,000 partnerships with police. These ubiquitous surveillance partnerships are dangerous and chill First Amendment protected activity.

Join us for “Copyright for Internet Creators,” where @otw_news’s @cfiesler and EFF’s own @k_trendacosta and @CaraGagliano will answer your questions about everything from how Content ID works to what happened to #StopDMCA.

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