PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @pixelfed

PixelFed accounts can be followed from Mastodon, and vice versa.

You can find instances to join at pixelfed.org/join

The project's website is at pixelfed.org

You can also self-host, or you can get managed hosting from SpaceBear at app.spacebear.ee

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Cryptocurrencies are as pointless, destructive, and nonsensical as any other currency (say money), social credits, direct trades, tokens and so forth. All are representations of trade. And trade is the source of most problems. Proof here www.tromsite.com/books/#flipbo… #tromimg

Don't like Reddit? Come join us on Lemmy, the open source alternative: lemmy.ml/c/linux_gaming

You might take a look at this gitlab issue - gitlab.com/librewolf-community

I think this happened as a side effect of all the privacy tweaks they did. Basically, you'll have to change a bunch of settings in the about:config page to get it working.

This isn't the cleanest solution, I hope they fix these issues and improve their documentation in the future.

I do see an "import bookmarks" button, but I don't think there's firefox sync support. I don't use sync personally, so I haven't looked into it.

I found an issue on their git repo about this - gitlab.com/librewolf-community

Also, I recommend you take a look at this project - xbrowsersync.org/

So, I made an issue on their gitlab repo about the few settings they missed - gitlab.com/librewolf-community

Within a few hours the maintainer responded, explaining each setting, why they chose that, what settings they are planning to change, etc.

( I recommend someone at @privacytools take a look at this issue, it may interest you. )

This is the most important reason to choose librewolf, because its community maintained. We cannot have the same level of trust & engagement with a for-profit company.

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And yes, they also changed settings in the about:config page to harden firefox to its core.

@privacytools have made a list of settings you can change there to enhance your privacy & security - privacytools.io/browsers/#abou

Actually, I checked every setting on that list and found that librewolf had already configured most of it by default.

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Librewolf Review


I think librewolf is my new favorite web browser ! 😀

Its a fork of firefox with privacy and security settings enabled by default. It ships with ublock origin for blocking ads/trackers. Also, It don't even have search engines like google, yahoo etc. as an option (BTW, I recommend you use searx). They also try to be fast with security updates, so they'll update their browser as soon as firefox releases a new version.

We updated Invidious ytb.trom.tf/ and this time we won't do many of the visual changes so that Invidious works well on small screens too. Plus, invidious is like nitter or bibliogram, a way to access these big companies without trading to them. We put more effort into Peertube, Friendica, Nextcloud and the like that are alternative tools to these big companies, rather than a skin. #tromlive

@codeHaiku @Tay0
I'm not anti-systemd or anything, I'm just saying that its not a good indicator of being modern (atleast imo).

Is it more standardized ?
Yes, and this could make things easier for new users. but for someone who's ready to use arch linux, window managers etc., it may not matter much.

Why would I not go with systemd ?
Its your choice, but basically most people do it for being more minimal, lightweight, efficient etc.

Arch embraces new concepts early.
Its the same deal with artix, these two distros are kinda the same. The only difference is the init system and availability of GUI installers which artix has. For someone using the base install of artix, the difference is negligible. I can say I use arch btw and it wouldn't be completely wrong, lol 😂

We found a very cool website last night: www.onezoom.org/life.html/@=30…

OneZoom Tree of Life- An interactive map of the evolutionary links between all living things. Discover your favorites, see which species are under threat, and be amazed by the diversity of life on earth.

📄 An overview of open standards in scientific publishing in the context of #openscience and #openaccess #publishing

Overview of 102 standards and specifications, organized into ten categories. Essential ones were selected by defining an open standard for scholarly publishing as an uniformly documented, widely accepted and used, openly accessible / extensible specification that is applied to the creation, description, production, and dissemination […] #science


Time for #app 🌧️ again, 3 new apps at @fdroidorg today:

* Kaku: Practice kanji writing
* To Don't: inverse todo (things to avoid)
* Virtuosity: Organize and track your music practice

further, 54 updates: @windvolt has some major news, NewPipe got a new version, @CCTG finally built successfully again and now comes with "QR Code Check-in" (forget that "other app" with its empty promises 😉) and many more.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Arch linux uses systemd. I hear people say systemd is heavy and inefficient, so I went on and installed artix Linux, which is just arch without systemd. The interesting thing about artix is that it actually provides some GUI desktop environment versions for newbie users. I installed the base version so I don't know how all these work, but I know there's cinnamon, lxde, lxqt, xfce, kde plasma etc. for those who want them.

Not having systemd doesn't mean its not a modern distro 😉

I just compared the most modern and lightweight distros in an empirical manner to determine who the lightweight champion is. If you are looking for a distro that runs great on a VM or older hardware, please have a read.


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