In coming days, we are going to work on #NewFedilab for #Friendica.
If you are a Friendica user, we will need your help. If you have already an account on #Codeberg that will help for sharing issues.

@apps When you have got any questions concerning the Friendica API, just ask me. I should be able to answer them.

@heluecht @apps
Do you know what's the issue here with my friendica instance -

@tio is my instance admin and he said we're only behind one friendica release, mastodon API was implemented long before that, right ? And Tio also said he'll be updating the friendica instance next week, so it'll be running the latest version by then.

@futureisfoss @tio @heluecht @apps
Note that I also cannot log in in here where

This is Friendica, version 2022.05-rc that is running at the web location

A couple of versions ago the app would crash when selecting as an instance, now (at least since v14) it just stays blocked on that first page instead of opening nerdica's login page

Can you comment this in the git issue mentioned above ?

Fedilab currently has some issues with Friendica. It might be easier to fix these if Friendica devs are willing to help, that's why I mentioned it here. There is actually a tag now for submitting git issues related to Friendica, so its worth taking a look at.
@heluecht @apps @tio

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