My theory about black holes :)

Shut’up. I know, ‘am no physicist. And no scientist for that matter. That’s fine. I just had an idea and is likely to be wrong but it makes my brain giggle with curiosity.

Read the post. I just solved the black holes and dark matter mystery. hahaha #tromlive…
My theory about black holes :)

How does this dark matter singularity become that foggy patches shown in the NASA Hubble map ?

What am saying is that the dark matter that we see scattered is like nebulas (dust/gas) that we see scattered through the universe. But this scattered dust/gas we know can coalesce into planets and stars, correct? Same may be possible with dark matter under immense pressures. So that dark matter can be scattered but also clumped together into a "dark star" or "black ball" as I call it :).

You replied to the wrong message again, haha. It didn't even tag me.

I wonder if its a bug in friendica or you just accidentally clicking the wrong reply button, this seems to happen from time to time. I don't know how it is in friendica, but if its a bug they gotta fix it soon.

@futureisfoss Nah I just click reply. Maybe mastodon doesn't know how to interpret these haha. Mastodon replies are so weird.
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