My theory about black holes :)

Shut’up. I know, ‘am no physicist. And no scientist for that matter. That’s fine. I just had an idea and is likely to be wrong but it makes my brain giggle with curiosity.

Read the post. I just solved the black holes and dark matter mystery. hahaha #tromlive…
My theory about black holes :)

AFAIK, the mass of a black hole is concentrated on a point called the singularity, this is the reason for its extreme gravitational pull. So for black holes to behave the way it does, it needs a singularity. Are you suggesting that this singularity is made of dark matter ?

How does this dark matter singularity become that foggy patches shown in the NASA Hubble map ? To me, this doesn't seem to solve dark matter but just complicates things even more, lol 😂

@futureisfoss Ah you mean "At the center of a black hole, as described by general relativity, may lie a gravitational singularity, a region where the spacetime curvature becomes infinite.". that's just a "may". :) So may-be they are wrong, or maybe the describe it weirdly. Or maybe it is but us still made out of dark matter :). Why is my theory making things more confusing if at the center of a black ball is such an immense gravitational pull that they call it a "singularity" point? :)

AFAIK, general theory of relatively is proven. I don't know if singularity makes space-time curvature infinitive, that's kinda confusing because infinity a theoretical. For example, we consider sun's rays as parallel even though its not at an infinite distance from earth, so the context matters.

@futureisfoss Isn't time also a human concept? We name time the transformation of stuff that we observe. I never understood what they mean by time. It is not like a thing...

We've invented a lot of such things, take charges for example. Someone went up and said "Let's assume there are 2 kinds of charges, +ve and -ve. Unlike charges attract & like charges repel", and we just kinda roll with it. Why does unlike charges attract & like ones repel ? Why does it have to be like that ? These questions don't matter as long as we're able to make useful predictions with our model. -ve numbers are also an invention, before there were only +ve numbers, and none before that

@futureisfoss No I still don't get "time". What is time? I could never understand that. Like they say time goes slowly or may go faster, but aren0t they saying transformations that we observe in nature are slower or faster. Time doesn't slow down or go fast. Changes may. Like you know that experiment (mental one) that if twins are split apart, one spins around the earth at tremendous speeds, the other one stays on earth. Then the one that spins is a bit younger. They say because "time slowed down for him". But in my mind is not. Simply the human body (that twin) "transformed" (grew) slower. Maybe acceleration makes some particles react slower. And I think they proved that. But that's kinda it isnt it? :D

Yeah, time is just a way for us to measure change. I remember Jacque talking about this in the TROM documentary, sun didn't rise because its 6:00am, its actually the other way around. We get stuck in this mentality of seeing measurement as the thing you're measuring.

I think your way of looking at it might me more accurate. Its not time slowing down, its just rate of change of atoms or something that changes, that's usually what we mean when we say time slows down.

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