We have some great news about our social.trom.tf! Our Facebook/Twitter trade-free alternative is now up to date and it works with native mobile and desktop apps. Which means you now have no excuse not to move from Facebook or Twitter, to social.trom.tf :).

On desktop Whalebird works fine. On Android: AndStatus, Tusky, Fedilab and Husky work great.

We will add more info about this on our trom.tf soonish.

We've also updated all of our Dark themes for the web version and they look much better now. Easy to use, clean. We default now to TROM Red Dark until we fix the light themes.

So yeah, our social network is now up and running, updated, and available on all platforms.


I'm a user. Good to know it works fine with friendica, I'll be testing it when I have time and maybe move to it 😀

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