You ever wondered why Elon Musk has not yet changed the world for the better, like he gave us the impression that he will? It is because he was busy making himself the richest man on Earth. But hey, you know maybe he will do good things with all of that money...right? right!? right...?!?!?

In the meantime you can pretend to be Musk and spend all of his fortune here… and even get a receipt for it. Go ahead, see how many houses you can buy, how many cars, or digital collections or yachts. Try to spend it all.

Cheers #tromlive

This is one crazy thing people don't understand about billionaires - they can't even spend all their money even if they try to. Then you may ask - why do they keep making more money then ? 🤔
I honestly don't know. No one knows, its a sort of craze/madness that keeps them doing it. A craze for making money, if you will.

But the end result is always the same - that money goes to waste, even the ones making the money can't spend all of it 🤦

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