Librewolf Review

I think librewolf is my new favorite web browser ! 😀

Its a fork of firefox with privacy and security settings enabled by default. It ships with ublock origin for blocking ads/trackers. Also, It don't even have search engines like google, yahoo etc. as an option (BTW, I recommend you use searx). They also try to be fast with security updates, so they'll update their browser as soon as firefox releases a new version.

And yes, they also changed settings in the about:config page to harden firefox to its core.

@privacytools have made a list of settings you can change there to enhance your privacy & security -

Actually, I checked every setting on that list and found that librewolf had already configured most of it by default.

So, I made an issue on their gitlab repo about the few settings they missed -

Within a few hours the maintainer responded, explaining each setting, why they chose that, what settings they are planning to change, etc.

( I recommend someone at @privacytools take a look at this issue, it may interest you. )

This is the most important reason to choose librewolf, because its community maintained. We cannot have the same level of trust & engagement with a for-profit company.

@futureisfoss We are thinking to make it default in TROMjaro ;) - even tho our Firefox version that we ship with TROMjaro is already customized heavily to be very privacy oriented and kill most of the online trades ;)

I do see an "import bookmarks" button, but I don't think there's firefox sync support. I don't use sync personally, so I haven't looked into it.

I found an issue on their git repo about this -

Also, I recommend you take a look at this project -

@futureisfoss Is it possible to change the default language (English) of Librewolf?

You might take a look at this gitlab issue -

I think this happened as a side effect of all the privacy tweaks they did. Basically, you'll have to change a bunch of settings in the about:config page to get it working.

This isn't the cleanest solution, I hope they fix these issues and improve their documentation in the future.

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