So I had the opportunity to field test for the first time the video calling platform, and called overseas from directly within my browser.

The result? Faster, better quality than WhatsApp, and the - true - freedom to use any platform you want.

Needless to say, I'm switching away forever from nonfree software when calling my significant contacts from now on. Victory!

@kzimmermann Interesting, didn't know this one. 👍
Just keep in mind [Issue # 77 (This project is currently inactive) at ianramzy/decentralized-video-chat]

@hontoni @kzimmermann From that issue: zipcall is going to be acquired.

So, this is not going to be free in a bit. Probably going to be gobbled up by some surveillance-capitalist company...

Abandon ship 😉

@Matter dammit. But since this is browser-based (haven't checked everything) a local copy and a fork could survive some time. Who knows, it did sound too good to be true at first.



That's very sad. I really wish someone forked and maintain it as FOSS.
@Matter @hontoni

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