The first picture: sorta followed a YouTube tutorial but then messed up the shape of what were supposed to be cherry blossoms and went ahead and did my own thing.

The galaxy-ish bit is all my own. Just dropping and dragging paint however I wanted. Very relaxing. Might make a habit of this.

And with this, I have successfully finished one sketchbook, in a little over two months since I started painting. Yay me.

#mastoart #art

Most #BetterTech movements:

"Ooh, there is sooo much wrong with #surveillancecapitalism and #bigtech .. hop onto our Zoom call and Slack channel, or read all about it on our tracker-infested website. Join the movement. Gmail us now. Time to act, NOW!"



@agates Don't forget @Castopod 😉 : In the next release - it's now a matter of days - when you post a new episode with Castopod it will be automatically posted to RSS and as a Fediverse message as well.
(Castopod is a podcast server and a Fediverse server at the same time)
Likes, Shares, Answers from Mastodon will be displayed on Castopod.

I hate when online services ask for your real address. I always put a fake one and have never needed to provide my actual address

Google’s FLoC is part of a suite intended to bring targeted ads into a privacy-preserving future. Unsurprisingly, this also creates new privacy risks.

If you have a Reddit account, go here:

Scroll down to privacy options

Untick "let other users see my online status"

Click save

They apparently _just_ added this and opted everyone in without consent.

Ditch FOMO. Embrace JOMO. Joy Of Missing Out.

@XxAlexXx There are a few reasons.

1. Because I can.
2. For bragging rights.
3. When Maciej Cegłowski gave his talk about the website obesity crisis in 2015, the average web page weighed over 2MB. It's only gotten worse since then, and I don't want to be part of the problem.
4. Heavy web pages eat up mobile devices' battery and data plans.
5. Heavy web pages take longer to load, and are more likely to annoy visitors into leaving.


#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @cryptpad - FOSS online office suite with maximum privacy

🌟 @fossasia - Promoting free open software across Asia

🌟 @libreoffice - The most widely-used FOSS office suite

🌟 @unibrawn - Artist combining surreal figures with a bright 90s aesthetic

🌟 @openmandriva - Community-run Linux distro based on Mandriva/Mandrake

🌟 @CollaboraOffice & @collabora - Develops LibreOffice and provides a special business-oriented version too

Someone asked how to remove .html from their URLs recently (I think it was on here).

Here's how I've done it in the past:

Hey Federated people :) - if you are not aware, we have a page on the Fediverse that will get a lot more active from now on. So make sure you follow it.

We created a ton of stuff since 2011 and we are creating a lot more. A new documentary coming out, more books more videos, more tools. And we share them all there.

We curated hundreds of trade-free Linux applications, we curate documentaries, lectures, movies, news, videos...and we post them on that page.

So make sure you follow and share it :). In a week or less we will release a new mega-project of trade-free awesome apps/services for everyone ;). #tromlive

Over 930 million tonnes of food sold in 2019 was thrown away, according to new research by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).This volume would fill enough 40-tonne trucks to stretch around the globe seven times.

- source

We keep on saying this at TROM, for 10 years now, this trade-based system of "You get this, only if you give/do that" creates so much misery on this planet. Are we that stupid or incapable to create a system where at least the human basic needs are provided trade-free for everyone? Take that food that you throw away, and give it to people as trade-free. Actually, make food trade-free for everyone so that supermarkets and restaurants and all that, have no incentive to throw it away, fearing that if they do so, no one will buy their food.

It is a crazy and inhuman society that we've created! #tromlive

At times we've all felt we're barely hanging on in the dark, tossed around by ominous currents. Here's to yesterday's Cratena peregrina caught up in the same struggles as the rest of us, vertebrates and invertebrates, shells and no shells, in sickness and in bowers rich in Eudendrium racemosum, amen. #weloveslug #techdiving

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