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I'm clearly not familiar with any of his discography.

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Does Weird Al take requests?

Complicated - by Avril Lavigne

New title: Constipated

This has nothing to do with how I'm feeling right now. Absolutely nothing. I'm totally fine. It's just something I happened to think of on... Oh who are we kidding, we're all adults here right?

Anyone else have a wish list for a Weird Al?

We've got audio! Mopidy running on the Mac mini sending audio to the sound system in the barn. The trick apparently was to install alsa-tools - without it alsa wasn't detecting audio devices correctly.

Now to figure out some additional extensions to make this a bit more useful and to set it up to stream to icecast in addition to local audio.

This seems like the best solution so far:

I think I can combine that with an mpd client running on the same machine to essentially control what comes out of the mac mini's audio port.

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I also started a thread related to this in the past, but I wasn't clear about the headless part... but I am crawling through those responses as well and will try some things out! Thanks again to everyone who suggested there!

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Hey friends. What's the quickest way for me to get a headless linux box to be able to play audio (say, from Youtube Music?) on a pair of speakers?

I was thinking about setting up a chromecast target - but seems like all of the solutions I've found require installing Chrome (which would just open a whole can of depends I don't need).

I'm way out of the media game - so you might be thinking "surely he's thought of ______" - I assure you, I have not! Send any and all suggestions!

I hate ligatures in general.

I loathe them when viewing code.

The barn's first server. Don't worry - it's running Linux. ;-)

I'll likely be connecting it to that sound system right next to it (when I find the time to test some of the apps you all suggested).

If you're looking for an excessively cheap chromebook to throw Gallium (Linux) on - you can't beat $70. That's practically the cost of a tank of gas (if your car is thirsty enough)!

Good way to wake up! My "switched from macOS to Linux" post is trending on Hacker News. Hope it gets some people to consider the switch too.

Live stats are here

Wanted: An Android drawing app for my toddler that makes it practically impossible for them to swipe out of the app. I'll pay $5 for an app that doesn't have an advertisement they constantly click and manages to hide the home/back buttons so they can just keep drawing.

I guess that's partially a knock at Android's gesture controls not being toddler-proof more than anything.

Trying yo make the grill look like those pictures showing how much food a grill can hold.

Oh and hey - momentous occasion. I deleted the VPS in Linode that I had been working off of (via mosh + byobu because of connection issues) for the last year. If anything makes me feel settled in our remote life with the Internet we built out, it's that!

And yes, you can bet I tarballed that home directory just in case... ;-)

Enough can't be said about how amazing mosh is. It turned the most sporadic mobile internet connection into something I could work off of - really amazing software!

Who has two thumbs and lost their last flash drive somewhere between the barn and the house? This guy.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, I don't have to drive 30 minutes into town to buy a flash drive. 🙂

It's that time of year - where you re-light all of the pilots in your fireplaces and get them going because Fall is arriving! It was cold this morning!

Does anyone else think The Ramones would make a great cover of "It's the end of the world as we know it" ?

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