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Finally watched Knives Out. It was so good!! Highly recommended as a fun and thrilling murder mystery.

Decided to go with the flow and switch my default branch to main.

@ndanes @funnylookinhat I've been very happy with my System76 laptop. It's definitely the best built laptop I've ever had.

They also had good customer service when I had an issue.

The only downside is price, so if you're comfortable with that, then it's definitely worthwhile.

When you live at the end of a dead-end road and have only one neighbor... you learn a lot about the Amazon Prime delivery truck routing algorithms (and how much work they need).

It's at least a once-a-week occurrence that we get a prime truck flying through our driveway pulling a fast turnaround with no deliveries to be made.

And we're 1/3 of a mile beyond the next closest house - so you know that the routing is doing some real funky A* on those drivers. :)

Decided to use my break between jobs to do some more spoon carving. It's definitely starting to look like something.

@funnylookinhat it’s 2021, we can have human-readable filenames, damn it!

So I finally decided to stick with GoatCounter. Plausible is really nice but has too many moving parts for my setup. GoatCounter is a single binary and can be backed by SQLite which is perfect for the very low volume of my website.

Considering features, for my use case both tools seemed pretty identical but I feel plausible can do a bit more advanced stuff than GC.

Pinging @plausible @softinio and @funnylookinhat because they participated in the thread 😊

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Six months old this week. For the last few weeks, he's grown half a pound a day.

In other news - Deno keeps looking better and better:

The top feature is also the one that is most interesting to me - compiling static binaries that include a runtime (and optionally certs, and of course permissions). Nice!

My two month contract at my current work have now turned into a permanent employment. Go me!

Perhaps adult me lets nerdy me upgrade my old monitor now.

Hello there, this is my post (or toot)

My name is Chris(tian), a passionate developer, avid blogger, DIY enthusiast from Italy

Italian, german & english speaking.

Hobbies: running, swimming, wood working, 3D printing, programming & FOSS of course :)

More about me here

And what I'm up to now

Honestly... Cryptocurrency just seems like a bunch of stocks tracking the potential for cryptocurrency, rather than actually being used for anything else to their purpose.

I don't know of we've moved the needle at all towards an actually useful currency, but I'll take my money and donate it to something when the market turns.

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I got some Stellar Lumens for free a long time ago just for having Keybase ... And now they're worth $500 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Super underrated feature of Google Home and Nest speakers: you can connect to one over Bluetooth (“Hey Google, turn on pairing mode”), then play that audio on a group or your whole home (“Hey Google, play this on Apartment”).

Boom, compatible with any device with Bluetooth.

Solus has been my Linux distro of choice since November 2016.
Recently there was no way to financially give to the project. Now there is by supporting the lead developer Joshua Strobl as he works on open source, desktop-focused software.
#Solus #Linux

@killyourfm You doing alright? Haven't seen a post in a few days... maybe you decided to just totally disconnect for fake Christmas! :)

Finally got around to listening to EP 43: Course Correction - appreciate your honesty and willingness to share. Keep up the good work (wherever you're podcasting)!

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