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I'd love the ability to emoji respond to toots (same as how you can in slack, mattermost, etc.) - any idea if something like that is in the works?

Well here's something I'm trying to figure out... how do I set my PATH so that any application launched within Gnome will have that environment variable?

As an example, Sublime Text 3 cannot find a binary installed in /home/funnylookinhat/go/bin . This is expected, since my .zshrc isn't read or loaded by Gnome or any processes Gnome launches, and that's the only place where I update my PATH.

Any answers / ideas? Or even a great tutorial that I _clearly_ should have read a long time ago? :)

From $415 MRR in April to $9,116 MRR right now!

Let's see where we can take @plausible in the new year!

So , what's the best way to go about configuring a on a ? Is there an established fallback mechanism or a way to prevent you from locking yourself out?

Thanks in advance for the replies and boosts! 🙏

Also: suggestions preferred.

As we celebrate the holidays, we’d like to thank the open source projects on which elementary OS is built. From Linux and Ubuntu to GNOME and GTK, each project is a gift to the ecosystem. Be sure to thank an open source project or developer this season!

I've got a bunch of random free crypto... So since it cost me nothing to buy I figured I would roll it all on XRP. Ha!

I feel like having a solid monorepo for an entire OS (e.g. FreeBSD) increases the overall stability over something like the Linux kernel, where you have a lot of moving parts on top of the kernel.

Thank you everyone for boosting my toots about the editors for the last few days! I've gotten some great advice, and, even better, discovered a bunch of you to follow!

If I peg my DSL connection's upload limit for more than a few seconds it will lose the connection. It's great fun when trying to make some backups. :)

Been using Sublime Text 3 for a bit on and off today. I needed a surprisingly small amount of plugins to get to where I wanted to be. If I keep using it through the next few weeks I'll buy a license.

I've forgotten how fast a good editor can be!

So here I was, scrolling HN, and something caught my eye.

My Project QCard! Someone had shared it and it's caused a wave of traffic on the site.

Really surprised and grateful. 😁

Got to spend my last day before the break writing some GoLang. I really miss working in it full-time.

Paul Thiel, a ninety one year old naval architect who lives in Seattle, has created human powered boats since his teenage years.
This Escargot can do 3 to 4 knots on calm water at a reasonably easy pedalling rate.

I gave the micro editor a try for a while ( ) - I loved the navigation and plugin system (lua) - but kept falling back to wanting to use my mouse for navigation fairly often.

It's also just handy to have separate windows in the DE for editor and terminal for faster switching.

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To everyone suggesting VSCodium or similar - I'm trying to get away from an electron based editor. Honestly I just sort of have a hard time swallowing the Microsoft pill after being a linux / foss advocate through the 90s/00s (when it was trying to ruin FOSS).

VSCode certainly has the right features - but it's just heavier than I'm hoping for. The first time I opened it there was way too much going on by default.

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Does anyone here still use Sublime Text for editing code? I started using Atom a few years ago since it's FOSS and had all of the plugins I needed, but the performance is just abysmal.

I've tried to pick up vim a few different times and I just can't stand it.

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