@codewiz thanks for sharing this thread! Looks like an awesome laptop!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I did the following (and it's just now 8:15):

- Cleaned up some PRs and reviewed other work for a solid 1.5 hours.
- Started a loaf of zucchini bread.
- Hung out with our toddler and saw him off to daycare.
- Caught up with my wife (since she worked late last night)
- Had breakfast.
- Got some planned APIs sorted out with a coworker.
- Planned the rest of my day.

I am going to prefer remote work for the rest of my career, that's for sure!

@ryan we were up near Brasilito - stayed just west of there near Puerto Viejo


Those beaches were all amazing!! I think our favorite was Danta Beach


@ryan hey we've been there! Beautiful place to visit! Hope you're having a wonderful time.

@Tay0 came here to ask what kind of cheese and read the picture caption. Nice :-)

@cmdln Yeah a PH meter is where it's at... The strips are fine, but man the lack of a digital reading that is precise frustrates me.

Things that frustrate me because they feel too imprecise:

* Using PH test strips
* Setting the angle on my table saw bar
* Knowing when to wake up a sick toddler from their nap.

On the last one... wait too long, and they won't sleep at night. Too soon? Cranky the rest of the day.

@zeab @system76 I've never heard of pinks! I'll have to Google those.

The new Lite KB looks awesome though!

@cassidyjames Help me Obi-Wan Blaede, you're my only hope! We finally got Disney+ and I have no idea where to start with Star Wars content.

(In my mind you can make the ae in your name just long enough of a syllable that the Obi-Wan thing still has a rhythm to it)

What miracle is it that allows toddlers to sleep through rogue fire-alarms, seemingly tripped by a spec of dust brought in by the half-a-dozen box fans roaring all night long.

@CodingOtaku Oh my gosh - I thought it was going to be funny and then it was sort of horrific!

Though yes - definitely the same thought! I spend at least 30 minutes a day tidying toys because I've tripped or slipped one too many times making a late-night run to grab a drink of water.

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