@willdaly what are you writing in golang lately? It's a bummer to not get to use Linux at work!

@Gina Add in watching You've Got Mail and you are all set :)

My two month contract at my current work have now turned into a permanent employment. Go me!

Perhaps adult me lets nerdy me upgrade my old monitor now.

Hello there, this is my post (or toot)

My name is Chris(tian), a passionate developer, avid blogger, DIY enthusiast from Italy

Italian, german & english speaking.

Hobbies: running, swimming, wood working, 3D printing, programming & FOSS of course :)

More about me here cri.dev/about/

And what I'm up to now cri.dev/now/

re: food 

@Sandra Aha! We've found the best peanut butter recently (and lucky for us it's local)! CBs makes a grind called creamunchy - it's a mostly smooth natural peanut butter with just enough chunk to make the oil not separate in storage.

It's literally the best peanut butter I've ever had - and I eat a ton of it!


@blueberry I ended up moving mine to Ethereum today - which tends to have a pretty good sell market. We'll see!

@Ateriath Hahaha yes true! Crypto-trading-cards is what I like to think of them as!

@ryan I was just wondering the same... Decided to just jump on the semi-official matrix.org today to get involved! @funnylookinhat:matrix.org

@willdaly @koreymoffett Same reasons for me! It's a great middle road between something really easy to write (but lacking more performance) like Node.js, and something super performance (but harder to write / find engineers for) like C or Rust.

If you design your systems well it becomes a great language to grow into by picking pieces to replace as they need the features that Golang offers.

@lig I honestly think the whole thing is a bubble that is o my propped up by more speculation... So it all feels risky to me.

I hope it works out for you though!

Honestly... Cryptocurrency just seems like a bunch of stocks tracking the potential for cryptocurrency, rather than actually being used for anything else to their purpose.

I don't know of we've moved the needle at all towards an actually useful currency, but I'll take my money and donate it to something when the market turns.

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I got some Stellar Lumens for free a long time ago just for having Keybase ... And now they're worth $500 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

@garritfra Ugh yeah I've only heard bad things about Mac OS for the last 3/4 releases. I'm glad I work somewhere that allowse to use Linux as my daily driver.

Super underrated feature of Google Home and Nest speakers: you can connect to one over Bluetooth (“Hey Google, turn on pairing mode”), then play that audio on a group or your whole home (“Hey Google, play this on Apartment”).

Boom, compatible with any device with Bluetooth.

@cassidyjames What?! I seriously had no idea you could do that. That's awesome!

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