@kev Office? What's an office? I thought we all spent all day at the kitchen table on our laptops.

Oh, you mean the barn out back? It's... far enough to require a drive?


@sotolf amazing! My family and I will have to visit Austria someday!

Ooh, working hours for notifications in the GitHub app. Nice!

One thing I struggle with as a co-founder is the work/life balance and being able to disconnect. I'm getting better at it but it was much easier to do when I had a regular job. There’s always something I'd like to do now...


@willdaly I'm going to experiment with writing tools in golang instead of bash for a while... I want the excuse to get familiar with the modern features of go, and I have a nagging suspicion that it might not be that inefficient.

After nine excellent years, April 30th is my last day at Canonical on Ubuntu & Snapcraft. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working on so many interesting projects over the years, with such amazing people. It's time for some new adventures though. More on $NEWJOB another time.

Building codes 

@urusan oh I think a split unit should be fine to add! Too bad it's covid and whatnot (most offices are closed) - I've had great luck just walking in to the dept. and asking if anyone behind the desk has a few minutes to answer some quick questions.

Alright - gonna go ahead and give the TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System a try. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes!

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@hund I've only got limited time to spend on projects, and building a router is not one I want to prioritize. Though if I did have the time, it would be fun!

@cooper Yeah - but can you trust Amazon reviews anymore? I'd pay for a subscription to a review service or something!

@ndanes I'm guessing you have opinions - I know you went with Linksys. I would like to spend about $150 for the router + 2 APs - is that realistic?

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I'm having a hard time justifying the cost of WiFi 6 for a new mesh system... we'll have gigabit internet soon (finally!) but honestly I'd only expect to get the max of out that if I was hardwired. I can deal with 300 Mbps or thereabouts over the air.

Any suggestions on systems / brands? To be honest I'm leaning towards the Google WiFi system just because they all seem mostly the same and I get 10% credit back for my Google One membership.

(Yes yes I know, don't mention google here... srry)

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