Want to move out to the county and help build a municipal fiber network?!

I'm already on the network - it's great! I'd love to see the entire county serviced.

Jefferson County, Washington, USA

A rare sunny day over the weekend produced an excellent sunset over the mountains. Taken from Port Townsend facing southwest.

The room is pretty small - especially with that bed in there - but I find it to be cozy.

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New year starting off with a new desk setup. With us being on our toes for COVID related daycare closures and whatnot, I've painted one of the spare bedrooms and moved my desk upstairs and out of the barn.

I have a few small tweaks to make - namelu adding a slot on the under-side of the desk to put the laptop in and mounting the power strip up to the tabletop.

Hey! The notification app for COVID exposures is working!! Cool!

Oh wait...

My new (used) dust collector is now 2x more powerful than my most powerful dust creator. Go figure. :-P

I've cooked a decent number of turkeys - and this is the method that seems easiest and most delicious. Break down the bird, dry brine in the fridge for 24 hours, and then cooks in about 90 minutes.

As a bonus you can make the gravy a day ahead using the extras from the bird.

On the other hand, 1/3 of my fridge is held hostage for about a day.

Don't worry, I had a spare mule tape that I tied onto my truck so I couldn't fall too easily. This is what mule tape is for, right? It says 1250 lb load! That's like 10x my weight!

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I think the ridiculous part is that I have literally one neighbor and live at the dead end of a 1/4 driveway. Literally nobody will appreciate the risk I took to bring the holiday cheer. :-P

Alright friends... Let's talk failure modes.

In other news, I figured out how they built the pyramids.

Last night I showed my wife the new Material UI - when she saw the volume slider she asked if it was a big or supposed to look like that. 🤣

I've been waiting for months to get this android update...

Finally! I'll be able to read the time in the middle of the night without my glasses!

Burning the midnight ~oil~ firewood.

Yeah yeah I know - gotta clean up the cable situation on the desk. I'm going to build a keyboard tray to give me more space for notepads, then I'll figure the rest out.

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