Just finished watching S02E09 of Star Trek TNG: The Measure of a Man. I've seen it a few times, but it feels like the messages within it are more meaningful and relevant today than 10 years ago. I'm sure this is in large part to our collective willingness to realize how history has (and continues to) worked out for or against whole groups of people. Ultimately, what struck me about watching it again was my realization that I still have so much more to learn. I hope you'll watch it as well!

@funnylookinhat I wish the writers of ST:Picard had watched it a few more times


@fluffy Yeah, I've decided to rewatch a few series before diving into the ones I haven't seen yet. Who knows, maybe S2 of Picard will surprise you?

I'm wondering if the writing for Picard is a reflection on the audience more than the team producing the show. I haven't seen it, but I'm willing to guess it's got a ton more "action" in hopes of garnering ratings (as one example).

@funnylookinhat it’s not that it’s action-oriented, it’s that it completely mucks with every character motivation and tries to do nostalgia without any understanding of what it’s being nostalgic for.

@fluffy Yeah I guess my point was to try to find a microcosm for the overall "writing for ratings" bit.

Maybe I'll just have to watch it for casual entertainment and not get my hopes up that it's true to the other series. :-)

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