The cloud is a racket.

I'm constantly amazed at how many more req/s my laptop can handle with a Docker container than a fairly well-provisioned AWS environment.

If I get back into the startup game, I'm self-hosting on hardware.

@funnylookinhat Tbf, you might not be taking into account time in transit here. It may appear that the docker container on your laptop can handle more than the AWS VM but it may just be that container can receive (and therefore process) requests faster. Things like speed of light delay become non-neglible after the request goes more than 600-800 miles and each request would have to make that trip twice. If that's the case, you might not see as big an increase later on

@splatt9990 Oh I do all of my load testing on dedicated EC2 boxes in the same region - so networking latency should be fairly small. That's a good point though!

@funnylookinhat the whole idea on the cloud thing only makes sense if you are able to scale horizontally. For a Web Server use a small instance and run a dozens of them. If you have your app build according to the 12 factors you should see near linear scale… try this on your laptop and you will reach an upper limit quite soon

@appelgriebsch Yup exactly - and we build out apps to scale out horizontally for that exact reason.

Scaling out horizontally with hardware is obviously a bit slower, but you'll always get more performance per dollar.

@funnylookinhat thank you for saying that! When it comes to provisioning machines (ec2), self hosted is the way to go.

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