Houston, we have liftoff!

Looks like the fiber connection was upgraded from 100/100 to 1000/1000 today.

At least, I'm assuming that the 500/500 speed I was recording was due to a bottleneck in the local network (likely the fiber run to the barn where this server is). I'll have to upgrade those SFP modules I guess!

I'm incredibly grateful to have this connection and be able to work remotely from where I do. It took 11 months for the entire process to finally deliver a connection, which was about 3x longer than the worst-case estimates we were originally given.

I'll share a write-up on the entire process once life settles down a bit - including pictures, plans, prices, and the process.

Finally got around to bypassing the fiber link that goes from the house out to the barn - and yup, we're officially at 1000x1000.

I guess I'll definitely have to troubleshoot that fiber link to the barn at a later point, but for now I'll just move the servers to the out-building that's closer to the house.

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