What's up with the state of NFS sharing on Linux desktops? I setup an NFS export on a local server and verified that I can mount it locally with `sudo mount -t nfs ...`

But when I open the Gnome Files application and try to add a Network location with `nfs://` it will either say "Mount doesn't exist" or "No permissions".

Any suggestions for local filesharing management? Should I use SMB? I just want my laptop to automatically mount a network share on login so I can play some music. :)

gnome-user-share seems like a good option - using Avahi to broadcast shares to other systems on the network is neat.

But I'm not seeing an easy way to set that up for a headless server in my quick 2 min of googling.

@funnylookinhat NFS should work fine, but it can be very fucking finicky. Version 3 or 4? When you mount it with sudo, can you cd to it and touch a file? What does the ownership show?

@sullybiker I believe I'm using version 4 as I'm mounting with this command:

sudo mount -t nfs -o vers=4 /mnt/alder/Music

I cannot touch a file, as I'm exporting with this:

/home/funnylookinhat/Music *(ro,subtree_check)

The `funnylookinhat` user is both the user I have the data under on the server and the user I am using locally.

@funnylookinhat Have a look at your idmapd service on the client, this has caused me a lot of grief before. Check the domain name (it's just the NFS domain, can be anything you like, really, 'localdomain' is fine) is the same, or the uid => name resolution can get fucked up.

@funnylookinhat If the UIDs match on client and server you can just force v3, it should work just fine.

@funnylookinhat Honestly just set it up in fstab would be my go-to choice. I have an fstab entry to mount my nas' media share to /mnt/media and then i can just launch clementine or whatever your poison is from there

@rridley How does that handle the mount if it's not accessible? What if I boot off-network and then suspend and resume back on network? These aren't deal-breakers (I am on my network 99.9% of the time) - I'm just curious about functionality. :)

@funnylookinhat I'll be the first to admit that nfs when it loses connection creates some uhhhh funkiness until it is able to reconnect.

It's worth considering maybe using something like subsonic/jellyfin/plex to serve your music. i ultimately use jellyfin so i can share playlists between devices.

@rridley Yeah this is not the most well organized or tagged set of MP3s - it's all just ripped music from internet radio streams. I won't do much with playlists, etc.

/etc/fstab will be my backup option though - it just seems like this should be easier after we've had NFS support in Nautilus for ... 10 years?

@funnylookinhat The thing is with natulious is it will mount it under a user share so if you are using `mount -t nfs` it's not using that existing share so you're ending up with two mounts to the same nfs.

also one might be mounting it as nfsv4 and the other nfsv3 and different options produce different results.

@funnylookinhat to answer your question tho yes, after 10 years it should be easier haha

@funnylookinhat to answer your suspend/resume question specifically though (un?)fortunately I have no idea since i never have to do that

@funnylookinhat my go-to has just always been SSH (or SFTP). Nautilus should support mounting it.

@cassidyjames Yup! I ended up just using SSH and that worked fine. I guess the whole process made me curious for slightly less savvy users.

@funnylookinhat yeah that's fair. Honestly I was gonna recommend Plex but didn't know quite how that would work with your requirements. I have my Meerkat meer1 set up with it though and absolutely love it for all my ripped Blu-rays and CDs. Modern mobile apps, great web app, and there's a native GNOME app as well.

@funnylookinhat plus the huge benefit to me of being able to trivially access all the content on the go in addition to when at home!

@funnylookinhat I don't know how hard it is to set up, but you might want to look at setting up Nebula:

@RyuKurisu Oh that looks neat! It's a bit more abstract than I was looking for, but now I'm going down the rabbit hole reading the docs ;-)

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