Well I didn't realize it until @fluffy ranted to me the other day... but gd I want a sane music player that looks and feels like the original iTunes.

The recommend player from Gnome (Lollypop) was incredibly frustrating to use. I just want to see my songs - filter as I type - and play things. It somehow managed to get in my way and confuse me from the get-go.

Any recommendations?

@funnylookinhat @fluffy Anymore, I have my collection on a NAS and I listen to it using Jellyfin (it's like Plex).

I haven't used a regular music player in a long time. What OS do you need it for?


@redeagle @fluffy Linux. I'm planning on putting the music collection on an NFS share since I only really use it locally when coding.

I'm really just looking for the basics - queueing up tracks, being able to "thumb up" a track to remember if I like it, etc. The thumb-up is particularly useful because I listen to a lot of J-Pop when coding and I have literally no knowledge of Japanese, so remembering songs is hard!

@funnylookinhat @fluffy You could try Rhythmbox or Gnome Music. Both look a bit like iTunes, and have a rating/star system with smart playlists for those ratings.

@redeagle Rhythmbox! Yes! I can't believe I forgot about this app (it's been so long since I managed an mp3 collection).

This works for me - thank you!

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