Well I didn't realize it until @fluffy ranted to me the other day... but gd I want a sane music player that looks and feels like the original iTunes.

The recommend player from Gnome (Lollypop) was incredibly frustrating to use. I just want to see my songs - filter as I type - and play things. It somehow managed to get in my way and confuse me from the get-go.

Any recommendations?

@funnylookinhat @fluffy Anymore, I have my collection on a NAS and I listen to it using Jellyfin (it's like Plex).

I haven't used a regular music player in a long time. What OS do you need it for?

@redeagle @fluffy Linux. I'm planning on putting the music collection on an NFS share since I only really use it locally when coding.

I'm really just looking for the basics - queueing up tracks, being able to "thumb up" a track to remember if I like it, etc. The thumb-up is particularly useful because I listen to a lot of J-Pop when coding and I have literally no knowledge of Japanese, so remembering songs is hard!

@funnylookinhat @fluffy You could try Rhythmbox or Gnome Music. Both look a bit like iTunes, and have a rating/star system with smart playlists for those ratings.

@redeagle Rhythmbox! Yes! I can't believe I forgot about this app (it's been so long since I managed an mp3 collection).

This works for me - thank you!

@funnylookinhat I store all my music in my Plex library. I'm not in love with the playback interface in a browser or any of the other options on Linux. I use Prism on my iPhone, though, and like it a lot.

@funnylookinhat @fluffy I used clementine back in the days, don’t know if it’s still being maintained or if it fits your use case 😊

@Crocmagnon @funnylookinhat I'm sort of interested in having something classic-iTunes-esque too. My big use case is being able to have it randomly choose an album (ideally one I haven't heard recently) and playing it all the way through. Having the ability to also sync random not-recently-played albums as a playlist to a portable device would also be "yeet," as the kids sometimes said a few years ago

@fluffy @Crocmagnon Yeah the "play an album through" is a lost art form it seems. I'm still looking for a tool / service that lets me create a playlist of "Albums" - and chooses one at random, plays it through, and then chooses another album at random.

As it stands, YT Music defaults to shuffle for any playlist unless I open it up and click play on the first track (nevermind the fact that I've added things in specific order).

I never used itunes, but for my needs i quited liked audiocouis. Dobqt think is pelled it correctly

@Twelve @funnylookinhat Audacious? (pronounced "aww-day-shus")

Looks like XMMS with library management, which seems like what I'd want in a player. I wonder how hard it'd be to build it for macOS.

@fluffy @Twelve ironically, I stumbled upon the creator of audacious as a commenter on Hacker News last night!

@funnylookinhat @Twelve it kinda-sorta works on macOS and it does have proper shuffle-by-album although it's really unstable. Probably fine on Linux though!

I not had any ossies with it really. Id prefer if the album art was bigger, but thats about it.

I have never looked for players to use on macos so i can't say too much there.

@Twelve yeah sadly the player ecosystem on macOS is pretty much nonexistent; ever since iTunes came out nobody's wanted to try to compete against it @funnylookinhat

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