Hey friends. What's the quickest way for me to get a headless linux box to be able to play audio (say, from Youtube Music?) on a pair of speakers?

I was thinking about setting up a chromecast target - but seems like all of the solutions I've found require installing Chrome (which would just open a whole can of depends I don't need).

I'm way out of the media game - so you might be thinking "surely he's thought of ______" - I assure you, I have not! Send any and all suggestions!


I also started a thread related to this in the past, but I wasn't clear about the headless part... but I am crawling through those responses as well and will try some things out! Thanks again to everyone who suggested there!

This seems like the best solution so far: mopidy.com/

I think I can combine that with an mpd client running on the same machine to essentially control what comes out of the mac mini's audio port.

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