@funnylookinhat As your former sysadmin, oh my god please no this hurts.

Just build a ryzen or threadripper rig with 128GB (or more) ram in a normal gaming tower if you want a nice virtualization host.

@silverhax but free hardware is hard to pass up! And a pair of xeons can do an awful lot of fun!

@funnylookinhat Yeah....I brought home a stack of 18 1u dual xeons once. Put em in a rack with a managed switch and a network PDU, ran openstack, MaaS, chef, whole ball of wax. Don't be me!

Now if you are really dead set on going down this road, I put one of the dual socket mobos in a gaming case so I could have 120mm fans, and that has been damned pleasant. It's right next to me right now actually.

@silverhax Oh yeah, totally! I'm going to fire these up and see how they run and if I can actually take advantage of them. If so, I'll definitely swap them out into a tower with some better cooling that's much quieter!

@funnylookinhat So what’s are you planning on using these for? 😯

@colinkiama Not totally sure yet - but I've got a few projects in mind. Starting small, I figured I'd make an old school CGI page hit counter to share with friends for their websites!

I've been noodling on an idea to create virtual worlds for a while now, and have a few prototypes... But I never had a place to consistently host and build them. So this might finally be the way I can do that.

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