Wanted: An Android drawing app for my toddler that makes it practically impossible for them to swipe out of the app. I'll pay $5 for an app that doesn't have an advertisement they constantly click and manages to hide the home/back buttons so they can just keep drawing.

I guess that's partially a knock at Android's gesture controls not being toddler-proof more than anything.

@funnylookinhat hmm TuxPaint hides the buttons by default and has double confirmation before exiting with the back button, but home button goes home if you pull up the buttons 😬

@RyuKurisu TuxPaint is great for an adult - but I think my 2 year old won't get quite as far with it given how small the buttons are to pick your tool on the left and right. I bet it would work much better on a tablet.

@funnylookinhat Pocket Paint doesn't hide the buttons, but is better to control within the app:

Acrylic Paint is less intuitive but has "bigger" buttons as well:

And Krita reports as incompatible, so no idea:

@funnylookinhat @MrDers depends on your OS/skin, but it’s EXTREMELY handy for toddlers. Attempting to unpin dumps you to the lock screen so requires your passcode or whatever to get out.

@funnylookinhat problem is, the set of things that are toddler proof but could be figured out by the average non-technical adult approaches the null set

@funnylookinhat a notebook/sketchbook and a set of colored pens/pencils/markers/crayons? Why invite complexity in the first place? Given its back to school time (in the US at least) I'm guessing those will be on sale at the moment

@splatt9990 Oh we've got plenty of that - but when one has taken their child out of the house and needs to kill 5 minutes it comes in handy. :)

Also markers, pencils, and even crayons require lots of supervision with a 2 year old! 😆

@funnylookinhat @splatt9990 a 2yr old + writing utensils + a couple minutes of unattended silence = Be Afraid!! Be Very Afraid!!

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