Trying yo make the grill look like those pictures showing how much food a grill can hold.

@funnylookinhat just out of curiosity, but are you vegetarian or vegan? 🤔

@RyuKurisu Ha good question. I was for a while, but not anymore due to a diagnosis with my stomach. I do eat meat once a day in a small portion, but that's it right now.

@funnylookinhat alright, I'm vegan-curious because I've heard positive things about it, but I'm scared of malnutrition 😬

@RyuKurisu OK - well then let me share the longer story with you!

I went full vegetarian (and basically vegan with the exception of eggs because I am lactose-intolerant) for about two years. To be honest, I always had plenty of energy and felt great. The key for me was to make sure I had a lot of variety and rotated my protein sources often. That meant lots of legumes, beans, etc. I was able to tolerate goat cheese so I ate a lot of that as well.

@RyuKurisu Totally unrelated (likely due to stress or a viral infection) I developed a condition called gastroparesis. Effectively, my stomach doesn't push food out of it very quickly (or sometimes not at all for an hour or two) after eating. Not fun - lots of nausea, acid reflex, reduced appetite, etc. I lost a dangerous amount of weight and my energy plummeted. I ended up going on a mostly liquid diet for a short while to get around the corner.

@RyuKurisu That diet was vegan coincidentally - lots of fruit, blended nuts, vegan protein powder, non-dairy milk (Oat milk is best, specifically Oatly is wonderful!), etc. etc. I managed to finally start putting weight back on and I was happily still a vegetarian.

It was only because my nutritionist told me "Look - you can eat so little at a time that you're constantly at risk of malnutrition. Now is not the time to let your body go to waste for a cause - no matter how noble".

@RyuKurisu So I wound up re-introducing a small amount of meat for lunch on sandwiches once a day. I don't feel guilty over it - I eat as sparingly as I can. When we round the corner of having a toddler and have a bit more free time, I'll go back to buying what I call "happy life" meat - chickens that are free to roam, cows that get lots of pasture time, etc. - and prepare my own sandwich meat again.

@RyuKurisu I think the more powerful thing consumers can do than go vegan / vegetarian (for now) is to buy animal products from people who do it properly - and to do so with a strong sense of moderation. The planet cannot support every family eating a whole chicken and a dozen eggs every day - but it can support half a dozen eggs a day and a chicken once a week.

Vote with your money - find vendors that do things properly - and thank them for their work!

@RyuKurisu Sorry for the long story - but I figure if anyone is reading it'll help them decide if vegan/vegetarian is right for them. :)

@funnylookinhat no offense, none whatsoever! So basically you can go vegan/veggie without the risk of malnutrition? I'm already making more veggie meals because my wife wants low-carb for her diet, and like I already said I'm vegan-curious, but we've also got a toddler walking around. And I especially want to give him everything he needs for his development, mentally and physically 🤔

@RyuKurisu Let me know what you end up doing - I'd love to know if it worked or, if not, what went wrong. Always good to share knowledge! We've got a two-year-old as well so we definitely are very vigilant to make sure he's getting a balanced nutrition.

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