On our way to drop our toddler off at Daycare and we were greeted with this: they're clearing the lines in prep for running fiber! We only signed the invoice two days ago, so this was quite surprising!

@funnylookinhat That looks like PNW flora. I would like to know more about your fiber. Municipal/Public?

@MrDers Your eyes don't deceive you! We're in Port Hadlock, WA (or, more importantly, in Jefferson County). The county has an open access fiber network that you can get on through a local ISP.

We're (hopefully) on the tail end of a nearly year-long process to replace our DSL internet. I'll be posting a long "How we upgraded our rural Internet" article to my website once we're all done. :)

@funnylookinhat I've driven down so many rural WA roads checking out power poles, amid the ferns, blackberries and fir trees. Symmetrical gigabit?

Interesting too, I was on a group call with a bunch of PUD fiber designers and someone from the east said they use "GNU tools" and would happily share the software they wrote for their system.

@MrDers oh and yes, symmetrical (literally, dual single-mode fiber) gigabit.

@funnylookinhat I don't want to kill your buzz, but the tree trimming is probably being done for the fiber going to your neighborhood. They will still need to install terminals and drops. So it might take some time.

@MrDers Oh ho ho, but here's the kicker. I'm paying for this entire fiber extension just to get it to our house. So while they are going to drop a vault in a few places with a PON to allow other houses to get connected, all of this effort is technically just for us initially. :)

The only real hold-up is that we've got just a bit of trenching to do, and the contractor for that is booked out through July. Here's hoping they find a free day or two since it's a fairly short run!

@funnylookinhat Well, well, well.... That's great that they are doing that for you. That's very much a PUD thing to do. But you didn't answer the biggest question... Symmetrical gigabit? I had that in Bothell and it was glorious. Now in Tacoma with crappy Comcast 🙄.

For everyone in the rest of the world: If you want good internet in Washington you have to move rural!

@MrDers You're in Tacoma? Get out here to th county man - life on the other side of the Hood Canal is glorious.

Let me know if you're ever in the area - if we have our fiber installed by then I'll give you a tour and try to convince you to move out here. ;)

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