I'm having a hard time justifying the cost of WiFi 6 for a new mesh system... we'll have gigabit internet soon (finally!) but honestly I'd only expect to get the max of out that if I was hardwired. I can deal with 300 Mbps or thereabouts over the air.

Any suggestions on systems / brands? To be honest I'm leaning towards the Google WiFi system just because they all seem mostly the same and I get 10% credit back for my Google One membership.

(Yes yes I know, don't mention google here... srry)

@ndanes I'm guessing you have opinions - I know you went with Linksys. I would like to spend about $150 for the router + 2 APs - is that realistic?

Alright - gonna go ahead and give the TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System a try. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes!

@funnylookinhat I've not used that system but, I do like TP-Link products. The reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

I can't speak for this specific device, but +1 for TP-Link. Solid products at competitive prices. I've found TP-Link stuff generally has great value in these regards.
@cooper @funnylookinhat

@cooper Yeah - but can you trust Amazon reviews anymore? I'd pay for a subscription to a review service or something!

@funnylookinhat Build your own router or buy a premade kit. Sure, it might cost you a little bit more to buy, but it will also last you for as long as the hardware is fine, which is probably decades. If you buy some regular OEM brand, you'll be left without support after a few years, and your forced to buy something new again.

@hund I've only got limited time to spend on projects, and building a router is not one I want to prioritize. Though if I did have the time, it would be fun!

@funnylookinhat @hund Not reccomending building. By the way, look at channel techlinked and other youtube videos for how to deal with routers and pick your own. Don't jump at catphrases and make an informed decision buying one.

@hund @funnylookinhat Well think about it. We have a warranty if something is bought pre made. But no warranty when we make it ourselves. And we can trust a trusted product to last rather than have a problem pre made which we have to find the solution. In pre made, the problem might have a solution in their website. And it takes a lor of time to build which some people won't have time to do so.

@XxAlexXx @funnylookinhat There's warranty for all hardware.

We can trust this "trusted hardware" to support their proprietary software with security patches for 2-3 years maximum.

A lot of time to build? If you buy parts and not something prebuilt, it will take you like 10 minutes to put it together.

@hund @funnylookinhat And does problem occurence have an issue fix? Which website? Where?

@XxAlexXx @funnylookinhat If you encounter a bug, you can contact the developers directly. Which is not the case for big corporations and OEM routers.

@hund @funnylookinhat Also there are many catchphrases which are not necessary for fast stable internet yet we have to pay a lot.

@hund @funnylookinhat We pay extra cost thinking we got something extra even though it is very obviously overkill or just misleading. So you should be informed of your decision.

@XxAlexXx @funnylookinhat That's the case for most things these days. I'm not sure why you bring it up though? :)

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