Why does my Thinkpad constantly throttle the CPU after I unplug AC power. Even typing into a box lags significantly (both in a browser and elsewhere). I've tried every quick trick to set CPU to high performance mode in the governor - but nothing does the trick except a reboot.

It's shit like this that makes me know my next laptop will be from an actual Linux vendor like System76.

@funnylookinhat If you are using Linux and depending on which distro, you can disable tlp, or mask ir. TLP automatically changes frequency and governor when you disconnect the charger.

@funnylookinhat Did you actually just call out ThinkPad on poor Linux compatibility? It's literally you against the planet on this one. Not to mention that Linux has nothing to do with this. It's either a user error or a bug in your operating system.


Which Thinkpad do you have?, even the ones that are not directly certified Linux comptible by Lenovo are still great after a bit of work.

There are a couple of Thinkpad models known to have BIOS bugs too, post back with more detail

Make sure you have TLP and tpsmapi installed and set up correctly, run tlp-stat for module suggestions


Not all Thinkpads are created equal for Linux, the current E14 and E15 are not “officially certified” for use with Linux and have a few foiables however after a few tweaks are great

@Jase @funnylookinhat Long before Lenovo started certifying some models, ThinkPads was notorious for their good support by the Linux community. :)

@hund @funnylookinhat

For the most part Thinkpads have really good Linux and BSD compatibility, its one of the reasins I use them, some models however can be difficult, however

While Lenovo’s Linux certifiction is billed as being relativly new, its not, the link for legacy models Linux compatibility goes back as far as the T30 from 2003, which was certified compatible with SuSE Linux (SLED) 8.0 (which had KDE 3.0.0/Linux Kernel 2.4.18 641c, a prerelease.)

While many of the distros listed are gone or well past eol the links serve as a good indicator of compatability

However newer kernels may have dropped some modules for the hardware within the older older ones making modern Linux distros harder to get working

@Jase @hund I've got an X1 Extreme (gen 1). Everything else works great - it's just the CPU going into ultra-low power usage mode when unplugged.

@funnylookinhat @hund

Which distro are you using, have you got tpsmapi and tlp installed? Run tlp-stat as root.

Saving energy is the correct typical setting for on battery use I suspect its your default power management settings.

Also check your BIOS settings, usually ‘OS optimised settings’ should be disabled for Linux.

@funnylookinhat Probably apply thermopaste. It will help the cooling process.

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