OK so the epic battle between crunchy vs smooth peanut butter (as debated on latest ep of HIAS)…

My take is that when there is good peanut butter, smooth is better. Crunchy bits add nothing but annoyanceto that experience.

“Good” means “only contains peanuts and maybe salt”.

When the peanut butter is awful (as in has a bunch of plastic and oil mixed in), then crunchy is slightly less bad. It compensates the badness somewhat. You are finding some gems of real food among all the plastic.♥

re: food 

So for me, growing up on Sk*ppy and such, I usually went fro crunchy. And when I had real peanut butter for the first time, I was like “Huh… I’m realizing that with this, I’m not gonna need the crunchy li’l bits anymore. They just detract.”


re: food 

@Sandra Aha! We've found the best peanut butter recently (and lucky for us it's local)! CBs makes a grind called creamunchy - it's a mostly smooth natural peanut butter with just enough chunk to make the oil not separate in storage.

It's literally the best peanut butter I've ever had - and I eat a ton of it!

re: food 

@funnylookinhat The brand I get separate a lot (especially in the fridge) so I have to stir it back together again.♥

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