Thanks for the theme suggestions everyone! Looks like the list to try is:

I'll be sure to share which one ends up feeling right. :)

Well here's the verdict so far on code editor themes.

Nord is actually the color palette I like the most, but unforunately the way it's implemented lacks enough contrast for my eyes to be able to use it. I'll probably use the colors for some fun projects sites coming up:

Dracula / Darcula is a bit too much contrast (I know I know, goldilocks).

But Ayu Mirage feels REALLY good.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

@funnylookinhat @garritfra Darcula is a derivative of Dracula, afaik. The original, cross-editor one is

@funnylookinhat @garritfra …or they could be completely different themes. I cannot find any literature that says one is based on the other.

@funnylookinhat Ayu gonna be Solarized Tomorrow? Because Dracula ain't just gonna Nord to that idea.

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