Gnome constantly seems to tell me that the way I want the DE to work is "wrong" and eventually renegs on my complaints (e.g. vertical workspaces, forcing a user to slide up the lock screen, etc.). So I was pretty happy to see the change for workspaces to be horizontal instead of vertical.

That said - why couldn't they just go the full way and support a grid? Ironically it's the one way in which Mac offers a better option for desktop management.

@funnylookinhat the beauty of Gnome is in its extensions. The vanilla UX is often questionable. My desktop UX is almost unchanged since 1998 or something around it:) And I can have it in the way I like in Gnome 3 as well.
For your case, there is this one


@lig Oh yeah I think you are right in that Gnome is a good clean slate - and ironically I use that same extension! But why can't the Gnome devs take some of these more popular ideas and own the extensions themselves so that they would have first-class support and not be at risk of breaking every release?

I think we're about 3 or 4 extensions away from covering 90 percent of the changes most users want or need.

@funnylookinhat they actually did exactly that for several of extensions' UX. I agree that there is still more to be done. Gnome devs have their own opinion on many things. Often that opinion is controversial. I prefer not to judge.

@lig Yeah I agree with you! I'm just trying to encourage them to keep looking for extensions to take over or provide! :)

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