Anyone have experience with gamepads for your android phone? I'm thinking of picking up one to play SNES games and the like - but would love to hear from others (or see product recommendations)!

@funnylookinhat I have two. Basically, they all aren't that great. Thus, I'd recommend buying whatever you like visually better and something that fits your hands.

@lig when you say they aren't that great what do you mean? Are the connections not reliable? Or are they just cheaply made? Or do they tend to not work well with different games?

@funnylookinhat I didn't have a chance to find a good feeling one. They mostly aren't expensive and work accordingly. Bluetooth transmitters work in close proximity. On a couple of meters, there could be disconnects. Some have a wired connection option, though.
If a game supports a controller they usually work as intended.
In general, they aren't made for pro gaming and work and feel like regular consumer devices.
Nothing less, nothing more.

@funnylookinhat I have a 8BitDo SF30 Pro. It is a solid build and I'm fairly happy with it. I exclusively play SMW ROM hacks so I can't comment on the compatibility with other games/platforms.

PS: SF30 Pro model Seems to be out of production! But there are similar products in the 8BitDo lineup.

@meisam The SF30 Pro is what I was looking at on Amazon earlier - looks like it's still available. Is this what you were thinking of?

@funnylookinhat Looks right. But on the manufacturer's website it is not listed anymore. (seems like it's been replaced by the SN30 Pro)

@meisam @funnylookinhat Can vouch for 8BitDo. I have the SN30 not-Pro and while I rarely use it on Android, it connects and works wonderfully. You can even navigate most of the Android UI with it.

@funnylookinhat Oh, and @meisam is right. The SF30 line has been replaced by SN30 circa 2019.

@dubiousdisc @meisam Cool! I ended up getting the SN30 Pro+ - it looks like it might be easier to hold with the phone attached.

@meisam In fact - I think I will get one of those along with a clip:

That seems like a great way to keep any smartphone ready to play ROM titles (and whatever other platformers might be compatible)!

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