I'm looking for all sorts of REMOTE tech talent, but this week let's focus on Infrastructure + Ops.

Are you an AWS expert? Love writing terraform? Have strong opinions on observability and loging? Well, then we should talk!

I always love connecting with people over the nerd-networks I am on (Mastodon, IRC, Forums, etc.) - so even the chance to just chat with you all would be great!

Grab a slot! calendly.com/davidovmoz/moz-ch

Job postings and more info here: moz.com/about/jobs

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@Tay0 maybe I'm reading into the phrase "antique programmer" too much, I assumed you meant languages that used to be popular and no longer are.

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@Tay0 What languages are you familiar with? Any interest in C++? We've got a team here that could use another engineer too in that language.

I guess I'm assuming you aren't looking for a position with node.js or python - because we've got those in spades!

Oh, those fiber lines we just had installed a few months ago?

RIP. ☠️☠️☠️

Oh and no power. But who cares about power, anyways?


I've reached out to a few of you individually, but maybe I should broadcast it a bit further.

The Engineering org at Moz is hiring (like crazy!) - if you're a software developer / engineer / infrastructure / ops / manager / anything - then we should chat!

I'd be thrilled to tell you why I love working at Moz and see if we have a position that might be exciting for you.

Also - don't be dismayed by the US/CA requirement. If you're in the UK / EU / LATAM let me know!


You want to get REALLY good at AWS and Terraform?

Just go and delete a few resources in AWS that are knotted up with a bunch of others - then try to untangle the mess without just wiping the account.

Honestly - I wasn't happy that I got into the mess that I was (mostly due to RDS instances not actually being able to update the way TF was claiming they would), but I learned a bit and have a much better understanding of the TF CLI now.

In other news: anyone know of upcoming TF replacements? :-)

You've got mail is the best romantic comedy. Hands down, no argument.

Bonus: The soundtrack is great for a morning toddler routine.

(ok, I had a few minutes in between applying some terraform so I ran Jellyfin via docker quick to test it...)


This is some good software. It handled my garbage library really well.

The Jellyfind Media Player app for Linux is also great.

Thanks @synthgal !

You know what, I'll give that Plex thing a try!

"Step 1: Create an account!"

... to run a server, on my hardware? Blargle.

Too much effort in between work tasks - I'll give it a try another time.

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Open Rhythmbox.

Oh great - all of the music I had on that SSH mount is still in my library.

_Numbers changing rapidly..._

Oh cool, I bet it's adding the new music I added.

_Numbers are going down..._

_All music disappears._

Oh right - I didn't reconnect to the mount. I bet I just need to do that quick and the music will show right back up

_Reconnects mount with one-click in Files app._

_Files do not reappear._


Finally got around to bypassing the fiber link that goes from the house out to the barn - and yup, we're officially at 1000x1000.

I guess I'll definitely have to troubleshoot that fiber link to the barn at a later point, but for now I'll just move the servers to the out-building that's closer to the house.

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Just finished watching S02E09 of Star Trek TNG: The Measure of a Man. I've seen it a few times, but it feels like the messages within it are more meaningful and relevant today than 10 years ago. I'm sure this is in large part to our collective willingness to realize how history has (and continues to) worked out for or against whole groups of people. Ultimately, what struck me about watching it again was my realization that I still have so much more to learn. I hope you'll watch it as well!

The cloud is a racket.

I'm constantly amazed at how many more req/s my laptop can handle with a Docker container than a fairly well-provisioned AWS environment.

If I get back into the startup game, I'm self-hosting on hardware.

I'm incredibly grateful to have this connection and be able to work remotely from where I do. It took 11 months for the entire process to finally deliver a connection, which was about 3x longer than the worst-case estimates we were originally given.

I'll share a write-up on the entire process once life settles down a bit - including pictures, plans, prices, and the process.

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Houston, we have liftoff!

Looks like the fiber connection was upgraded from 100/100 to 1000/1000 today.

At least, I'm assuming that the 500/500 speed I was recording was due to a bottleneck in the local network (likely the fiber run to the barn where this server is). I'll have to upgrade those SFP modules I guess!

It's that time of year again - load testing time! It seems that with the advent of go and rust there are always a few newer / easier tools to perform load tests with.

Any suggestions? In my case I'm hitting the same URL with several different POST bodies repeatedly. In the past I did this with a siege file, but I've had that crash on me too many times for weird reasons to bother with it again.

gnome-user-share seems like a good option - using Avahi to broadcast shares to other systems on the network is neat.

But I'm not seeing an easy way to set that up for a headless server in my quick 2 min of googling.

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What's up with the state of NFS sharing on Linux desktops? I setup an NFS export on a local server and verified that I can mount it locally with `sudo mount -t nfs ...`

But when I open the Gnome Files application and try to add a Network location with `nfs://` it will either say "Mount doesn't exist" or "No permissions".

Any suggestions for local filesharing management? Should I use SMB? I just want my laptop to automatically mount a network share on login so I can play some music. :)

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