Well - I've been waiting and hoping the Pixel 5a would be announced soon - my phone now manages to swipe around to different apps while I'm typing due to the screen cracks.

Lucky for me - I found a NEW Pixel 3 on Woot for $160. I've never had a pink phone before.


And yes - I'm buying one of those overly robust Otter-Box cases and screen protectors. I don't deserve a slim phone anymore. 😂

Alright, I'll say it and see who wants to argue.

I don't hate the new Firefox UI.

For Google calendar and a few other applications, things feel cleaner and easier to parse.

Looks like @ddevault is back on the fediverse in case any of you followed him on his previous instance.

Well, I really feel like we accomplished something important for the world today.

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Do you use `git checkout` still? Stop.

Meet `git switch` and `git restore`.

I've totally switched (:blobcatfacepalm:) to `git switch`. If you want to incorporate it in your everyday routine, consider remembering useful `-c` and `-d` options.



My first, only, and final poll.

A warm pickle is just as good as a cold pickle.

If it involves a couple of hacky tricks, I don't care if your code solves the problem 6% faster.

Hardware scales and will improve over time. The human capacity of understanding and maintaining code does not.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking:

clean code > performance.

Can peeps with their Freenode takes please not make it about the Korean-ness of the guy?

Money = bad, sure, I can sign off on that. Drama and expressing lack of trust, fine, I’m on board. Migrating channels? Heck yes! I’ve registered my nicks & channels on Libera already. Just don’t… you know… I don’t even wanna say it.

Here we go! It's a MONSTER episode of @Linux4Everyone@twitter.com featuring legendary Bash creator Brian Fox!


Well... No Pixel 5a announcement yesterday at Google I/O. Guess my 3a will have to limp on for another few months.

Definitely not getting a 4a at this point - might as well wait!

Please stop spreading fud like Docker services using more resources and coming with a huge overhead.

It's not a virtual machine, it's really just a (fairly convenient) frontend to a bunch of kernel features, like namespaces & cgroups.

If you don't want a container-like abstraction on your system, that's totally fine, but please, don't make up silly arguments against it.

I made my girlfriend draw this 'bare metal server'
pun. No regrets.

New ThinkPad X1 Carbon 9th Gen just arrived at chez popey. Just in time to start $NEWJOB on Monday. Beautiful 😍

Ooh, working hours for notifications in the GitHub app. Nice!

One thing I struggle with as a co-founder is the work/life balance and being able to disconnect. I'm getting better at it but it was much easier to do when I had a regular job. There’s always something I'd like to do now...


After nine excellent years, April 30th is my last day at Canonical on Ubuntu & Snapcraft. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working on so many interesting projects over the years, with such amazing people. It's time for some new adventures though. More on $NEWJOB another time.

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