Say what you want about Dave Matthews' Band, but it's the absolute best music to sing along to when you've lost your voice from a cold and just need something where you won't sound out of tune.

I am literally sick in bed today - my wife got home yesterday and (thankfully) my cold got much worse after that (not before).

Coincidentally, it's also a beautiful fall day out, which puts me in the mood for romantic comedies.

My favorite has always been You've Got Mail - with honorable mentions for When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and ... well I guess I just really like Meg Ryan movies?

What's your favorite romantic comedy?

What is the best season?

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We do a lot of "pushing through" and "getting to the finish line" and "after this, I can rest" and then we wonder why everyone is so tired and disheartened or burned out and stops loving the things they used to love.

Sick / Symptoms 

I'm guessing my immune system is simply not up to par anymore. I live in the middle of the woods, work remotely, and leave the house only to pick up the toddler from preschool and grocery shop - all whole wearing a mask. I suspect my body has adjusted it's production of immune-related cells as it didn't see a need. Totally speculation, but I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten "the worst cold of their life" post COVID lockdowns?

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Sick / Symptoms 

I caught the common cold (rhinovirus) from my toddler. But this is the worst cold I've ever had in my life. I literally have the virus coming out of my eyeballs as yellow discharge. I've completely lost my voice (which makes caring for a toddler quite interesting!) and have sinus pressure so bad that my eyes and ears hurt.

All of that to say, do any of us think COVID lockdowns produced super-strains of virus, or are our immune systems just completely out of shape?

Fanny packs need to make a comeback. They’re dang useful.

Is there anything worse than not catching the oatmeal before it boils over onto the stove?

Oh right, putting it back on the stove and it instantly boils over again.


@cadey Hate to be a rando in your mentions, but i was inspired by one of your posts the one on Heroku Free Tier, to create my own.

While Crypto / Digital Currency is still an interesting idea (and will hopefully solve quite a few problems!), the current systems we have are all basically a manipulated market.

I present the following image as proof. I've invested $0.00 in crypto. I was "gifted" some digital currency for using an app, traded those for Ethereum, and then sat on it. It went from $0 to a high point of $2000 - without me ever giving any value to the system (either money or computing time).

I can find a ton of low-voltage stuff - 12V or 24V - but I want to let our toddler just plug Christmas light strings (or lamps or whatever other low-wattage devices) directly into this box. So having it be wired for 110 is ideal.

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I'm starting to think about the next "Dad DIY" project for our Toddler - and it's likely going to be a "mix panel" for the Christmas Lights this year. I'm going to build a box that had a bunch of toggle switches to turn a bunch of outlets on and off - that's easy enough. What I also want to do is add toggle switches to add "effects" to the outlets. Think fade-in-fade-out, or periodic blinking, or switching different outlets on and off.

Anyone know where I can find 110V rated stuff like that?

PSA: Pixel 3A Trade-in value is $300 (somehow much higher than a Pixel 3).

So if you've been thinking about upgrading, that makes the 6A (currently on sale for $449), only $149. Of course, you'll pay taxes on the full $449, but still a deal either way.

That's why we always lock our car doors in town. Someone might "give" you a zucchini squash by leaving it in your car and you can't throw it away, right?😂

(Every person with a single zucchini plant in late summer)


I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I did the following (and it's just now 8:15):

- Cleaned up some PRs and reviewed other work for a solid 1.5 hours.
- Started a loaf of zucchini bread.
- Hung out with our toddler and saw him off to daycare.
- Caught up with my wife (since she worked late last night)
- Had breakfast.
- Got some planned APIs sorted out with a coworker.
- Planned the rest of my day.

I am going to prefer remote work for the rest of my career, that's for sure!

Things that frustrate me because they feel too imprecise:

* Using PH test strips
* Setting the angle on my table saw bar
* Knowing when to wake up a sick toddler from their nap.

On the last one... wait too long, and they won't sleep at night. Too soon? Cranky the rest of the day.

@cassidyjames Help me Obi-Wan Blaede, you're my only hope! We finally got Disney+ and I have no idea where to start with Star Wars content.

(In my mind you can make the ae in your name just long enough of a syllable that the Obi-Wan thing still has a rhythm to it)

What miracle is it that allows toddlers to sleep through rogue fire-alarms, seemingly tripped by a spec of dust brought in by the half-a-dozen box fans roaring all night long.

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