You want to get REALLY good at AWS and Terraform?

Just go and delete a few resources in AWS that are knotted up with a bunch of others - then try to untangle the mess without just wiping the account.

Honestly - I wasn't happy that I got into the mess that I was (mostly due to RDS instances not actually being able to update the way TF was claiming they would), but I learned a bit and have a much better understanding of the TF CLI now.

In other news: anyone know of upcoming TF replacements? :-)

@funkyduck @funnylookinhat isn't Terraform just for creating a base that something like Ansible can set up properly? 🤔

@RyuKurisu @funnylookinhat thats a bit oversimplified. Terraform is for infrastructure, configuration management tools are for configuring software. Two different domains. Infra encapsulates more than just VMs and what goes on them - things like networking and any and all serverless services (databases, monitoring, analytics, etc.). You can also design immutable infra that self configures without config mgmt, fwiw.

As an aside, Ansible is capable of infra management, but it's... not pretty.

@funkyduck Oh yeah I remember seeing Pulumi on HN a while back - I should keep a closer eye on them. Thanks!

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