'“Apple was unable to validate for us that Apple’s solutions are compliant with Apple’s policy,” he said. “Despite multiple requests and trying to get them to confirm that their products are compliant with their own solutions, we were unable to get there.”'

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All of Facebook's services are currently down. While their are down, lets celebrate it by watching this video from 60 minutes:

it's not elsewhere, but it IS a massive bgp snafu. FB is off the internet!

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and it may be elsewhere too, according to word of mouth...

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facebook go boom. usually i practice hugops, but the world is so much more pleasant this way

i need lineage on my galaxy tab lite 6. the stripped down, bloatware-based samsung OS has to go. just need to be 100% sure that all my important stuff is backed up....

finally picking up dishonored. feeling the thief inspiration HARD, in a good way

Beat Psychonauts 2 in about 20 hours. Solid game, but I'm glad I got it on game pass - $60 is a lot for a short game.

saw this on business insider, thought i'd link the source documents here. this lawsuit is something else... as is this link that i clicked on purely based on it being from business insider. good times


for reasons involving me being easily distracted and a warranty claim that turned out not to be necessary, I have a spare moto g7. think it's time to see how lineage is working these days :)

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Telegram Messenger Blocks Navalny's Bot During Vote -

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced late on September 17 that the service would abide by Russia’s “election silence,” a law practiced in other countries that prohibits campaigning during the elections.

“We consider this practice legitimate…and we plan to limit the functioning of bots associated with election campaigns,” said the Russian founder of one of the world’s most popular messaging apps.

they're proving the 'screeching minority' point about the whole CSAM debacle:

"Apple justified the decision under a Moscow court ruling in June that declared Navalny’s foundation an “extremist organisation”, according to a screenshot posted by Ivan Zhdanov, the opposition group’s former director."


vivaldi is now partnering with a new, proprietary search engine funded by a slew of Big Tech execs.....

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