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We're running some user research! Do you want to help us get to know you and understand how you listen to podcasts?

Then please complete this short form (<5 minutes):

You can let us know on there if you’d be happy to take part in an interview and help us learn!

Some updates from the operations room: We hopefully managed to migrate all services to the new server. We will therefore shut down the old one for a while. If you experience anything is going down or breaks, please let us know!

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We just released GoToSocial v0.3.8 Spotted Sloth! 🎆


- Lots of frontend styling fixes, especially on chrome-based browsers and smaller screens / mobile devices.
- Back and next button on profile pages: you can page through GtS users' public statuses now!
- Cache control updates: profiles and attachments should render a lot faster thanks to more intelligent caching.

You can download the release at the link here:

Docker tag: superseriousbusiness/gotosocial:0.3.8


What is GoToSocial?

GoToSocial is an open-source, ActivityPub compatible, federated social media server. It's easy to install, lightweight, and perfect for small servers 🦥

Hi everyone!

We're performing more migrations starting this evening (CET). Some Funkwhale services will be unavailable for a while during the move, so if you see something go down please be patient 🙏

We expect to have everything finished within the next 48 hours.

Another month, another update. Let's take a look at what's been going on at Funkwhale HQ in the month of July ☀️

Okay everyone, we're back in action! Everything should be back online 🎉

Let us know if something doesn't look right!

We're currently doing maintenance on some of our services to migrate them over to a new server. has been migrated, and we're working on moving GitLab (and the website) at the moment.

Thank you for your patience! We'll update here when it's ready to roll 😎

Funkwhale 1.3.0 will come with major improvements to the queue, including the ability to responsively handle large queues and better reordering.

Check out a comparison video of the new queue (left) and the current one (right):

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Today, AntennaPod turns a decade old! 🎉 We are
🙏 thankful for the creator, maintainers & all other contributors
🙌 proud of & honored by the tens of thousands of users who chose AntennaPod
💪 eager for the next 10 years of innovation, collaboration & app development!

Do you want a sneak peek into our current development work? One of our devs recorded what they are working on: Improving the music player.

Check it out:


The first steps of the maintenance of is done. Please go and test if everything is still working and report all issues! 🐳

We need to do some maintenance work at It might be offline from time to time in the following hours.

Hi everyone!

We're pleased to announce the release of Funkwhale 1.2.7. This is a small bugfix release to fix our pipelines. Check out our blog for more information:

We've done a bit of plumbing to clear our pipelines 🪠 Check out the blog for more information!

We have a new category in our forum where we post all announcements. Its a great place to discuss them!

Great news, we just released another patch release! Quite some annoying things are fixed, read more in our blog and update, update and update! 🎉 :funkwhale:

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Sneak peek of the official mobile apps new timeline layout!

- No login required, this is the splash screen
- Tap to full size preview, pinch to zoom
- Appearance settings (hide/show captions, like counts, etc)
and a lot more!

We know this is long overdue, discord users will get TestFlight access later this week ✨


Hi everyone!

We have some exciting news! Our documentation is now available as a translation project on Weblate 🌐 Check out the blog for more information.

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