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I reserve the right to block and mute both individual accounts and entire instances for any reason that comes to mind in the moment, or for no reason at all.

You are welcome to curate your feed in similar fashion, and mute/block me if I bore or annoy you.

PS: posting anything that even resembles Nazi symbolism or defending people who do is a great way to get blocked.

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Look, I'm gonna be honest. The ability to have my microphone muted on a zoom call when I have to fart is one of the single biggest advantages remote work has over in-person meetings.

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It's been a few years and I feel it's safe to say: removing the feed icon from browsers was one of the biggest net-negative impacts to the decentralized web we've seen

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I've left free companies in Final Fantasy XIV because of pressure to use Discord.

It would be one thing if I was in a static party grinding extreme-level trials and raids and needed to coordinate with other players in real time, but I'm just a filthy casual who mostly tanks and heals in PUGs. I don't need voice chat for that, and if I did I'd damn well use Mumble like a civilized gamer.

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Every time I use ADO.NET instead of Entity Framework, I forget that a SqlCommand to run a stored procedure needs its command type set to "stored procedure", otherwise it will ignore any parameters you add and give weird results.

Also, you've got to provide special null values (like DBNull.Value), specify that certain parameters are nullable, and specify whether a parameter is input, output, or a return value.

Beats the shit out of EF for existing DBs though.

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And finally, SSH into your instance and enjoy your :openbsd: goodness!

⚠️ Don't forget to turn off remote access in the Scaleway dashboard.

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One of the main reasons I left Windows was because it kept installing Microsoft teams for some reason, even when I kept uninstalling it.

I hate Windows :ablobcatangel:

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Genshin Impact: unpaid bullshit job with pay-to-win action

Final Fantasy XIV: pay-to-play bullshit job

For some reason I've been thinking of the Golden Age arc in Berserk as a metaphor for a developer's journey from innocence to (bitter) experience.

In this case, Guts is an IC on his way to burnout, the Band of the Hawk is a YC startup that can do no wrong, and Griffith is a charismatic founder.

It'll end in tears and rage, as usual.

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@fullstackthaumaturge Yup, cherrypicking on a books' collection as huge as the Bible will get you justified to almost whatever you wanna do. XD I have a christian friend (which I love) who actually read the gospels, and he tries to do as Jesus did, or at least advised to do. He's, basically, an honest person and an awesome friend, he hangs out with us sinners, and we drink lots of beer (sorry, Jesus; no wine for us!). XD

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Name another editor in which I can type and click ⏯ to control my music :P

(Okay, that's not *why* I use it, but it's a nice bonus :)

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Is Satan God's equal? It doesn't say anything of the kind in the Bibles I've read. Instead, they imply that Satan works for God, and that when he tests people he's doing so with God's permission. Satan is a tame Adversary, the loyal opposition. To fear him betrays one's lack of faith in God's power to deliver you from evil.

Besides, how do you know that I'm not here to test you? If God is everything you say he is, then surely he can work through me despite my lack of belief.

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I finally got around to asking a neighbor why she goes out of her way to avoid my wife and me if we're both out and we try to be sociable and greet them.

Apparently they're a Xtian and regard us as too worldly; they're afraid we might tempt them into sin.

I'm fine with Xtian retreating from the world and leaving me alone, but my wife takes it as rejection & it hurts her. It also looks like their faith is weak & that they believe God can't/won't protect them from Satan.

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@fullstackthaumaturge Yeah, for sure. It's just the deeper root cause.
But in the case of Malcolm Gladwell, everything is shallow. :ageblobcat:

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@fullstackthaumaturge @blu256 "But, Mr. Lama... That can't be the reason!"

"Yes. And not. You know what? I don't give a fuck". :ablobcatangel:

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@blu256 @fullstackthaumaturge Here's a joke:
The oldest person in the world received a journalist's visit. First question the journalist did was, "how did you get to your current age? What's the secret of your longevity?"

"Well, I never argue", answered the oldest people in the world.

"But... It can't be just because of that!", exclaimed the journalist. The oldest person sighed and said,

"Yeah, fine. It can't be just because of that."
(That's my personal howto on "holywaring".) 😸

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Some people seem to literally think the state has the moral and legal right to do whatever it pleases with total impunity because "sovereignty". Well, the state's never given a damn about my rights or privileges, so I fail to see why I should give a damn about its sovereignty.

Image is Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's "Lady Hamilton as Ariadne".

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #LadyHamilton #thoughts #politics

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