@poetgrant @tursiops yeah, you would do it through iTunes, or put it online somewhere and download it to the device.

I don’t put any music on my iPhone (do people actually still do that?) between Spotify, google music and Apple Music, I don’t see the need. Personally I use Spotify.

@kev @poetgrant personally I use my own plex server so no need for me either

@tursiops @poetgrant I used to do the same thing from my Synology. I soon learned that Spotify was way better though.

@kev @poetgrant well I have a lot of really obscure songs and artists that I don't think any streaming service would have. Also I don't want to suddenly realize that I cannot listen to someone because it's been pulled from the catalog. I also use plex for my movies and series so it's quite convenient.

@tursiops @poetgrant luckily got for me, they have all the Barbie Girl, Westlife and Boyzone tracks available, so I’m good. 😁


@kev @tursiops @poetgrant
I have an extensive library of ripped CDs and purchased MP3 files that I like to keep on an SD card on my phone. I listen to several music podcasts for newer music, and I subscribe to Amazon Music to check out new releases that I might want to pick up.

But I'm also one of those weirdos that prefers an audio jack and wired headphones, too. YMMV 👍🎧🎵🎶

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