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sudo zypper install --force caffeine

☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

I just received replacement earpads for my Sony MDR 7506 headphones from Wicked Cushions. I don't think you could find a better set of replacement pads for 20 bucks.

This morning I decided to buy the 25th anniversary edition of Linux Journal for 6 bucks. 2 hours later, they decide to give it away for free.

My timing has ALWAYS been this impeccable.

They can keep the money, they deserve it.

Ok, glad I finally got that off my effin' chest.

Effin' human rant. 

Well, it was a good start at least. I deleted a bunch of email accounts but added a couple more in preparation for some heavy duty email list consolidation. ✉️

Net result for today is -5 email addresses on my domain.

You know you have an email problem when you have 19 accounts tied to your domain.

Time to purge.

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Hey all, I'm new here. Looking forward to testing out Mastodon again. Been using Linux for well over a decade; wrote "openSUSE Linux Unleashed" awhile back. Who's using openSUSE here? .

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It's not for everyone maybe, but I think handcoding a web site in html and css is less work than doing a comparable site in wordpress. Just text, links and image galleries, and a couple php tags so I can use one menu across all pages.

Maybe I'll think about a way to add a form eventually, but that's not important right now.

I'm pumped about my 1.2 second load time, and that's before I've optimized images.

I told my friend about it and she did not understand the joy this brings. 😆

Unfortunately, attempting to scan the interior pages would destroy the binding of the magazine.

Cover of the premier issue of COMPUTE'S! Gazette for Commodore 64 and VIC-20,dated July 1983. (From my personal collection.)

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My quest to collect the books that made me the hack programmer I am today is nearing completion

Philadelphia Flyers vs. L.A. Kings.

I love going to hockey games, just not when I need to get up at 4:15 the next morning. 🏒🏒

A couple years ago a fellow Trekkie I knew in high school got remarried and I had the DJ play this at her wedding reception. The confused looks from the non-Trekkies were priceless. 🖖

Maynard Ferguson - Star Trek Theme

I dislike many things. For example, car shopping. Necessary evils are necessary. And evil.

That is all.

Both of my Instagram accounts are now deleted.

As soon as I am ready, I will most likely set up a pixelfed account, as well as divorcing my Flickr account from Yahoo.

Hoping that the January illnesses are just about done. Four adults and a toddler in close quarters makes for a nice game of "Tag, you're sick!"

I might even get in my first full work week of the year this week.

My social media diet for 2019 has begun in earnest...

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2019 Roadmap:

* New gaming PC is up and running. ✔️

* Deleted my LinkedIn account. ✔️

Next up:

* Complete the reboot of website/blog.

* Reorganize my computer lair to accommodate new hardware.

* Prepare for eventual deletion of certain social media accounts.

Down the road:

* Lament about how little I actually accomplished.

Finally got GladOS-9000 outfitted with Ubuntu 18.10. Every game in My Steam library seems to be running fine.

It's going to be interesting working with Ubuntu after years of running opensuse.

Until I have the cash and space for dual monitors, I need to look into a simple DVI switch for my current setup.

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