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sudo zypper install --force caffeine

☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

Philadelphia Flyers vs. L.A. Kings.

I love going to hockey games, just not when I need to get up at 4:15 the next morning. 🏒🏒

A couple years ago a fellow Trekkie I knew in high school got remarried and I had the DJ play this at her wedding reception. The confused looks from the non-Trekkies were priceless. 🖖

Maynard Ferguson - Star Trek Theme

I dislike many things. For example, car shopping. Necessary evils are necessary. And evil.

That is all.

Both of my Instagram accounts are now deleted.

As soon as I am ready, I will most likely set up a pixelfed account, as well as divorcing my Flickr account from Yahoo.

Hoping that the January illnesses are just about done. Four adults and a toddler in close quarters makes for a nice game of "Tag, you're sick!"

I might even get in my first full work week of the year this week.

My social media diet for 2019 has begun in earnest...

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2019 Roadmap:

* New gaming PC is up and running. ✔️

* Deleted my LinkedIn account. ✔️

Next up:

* Complete the reboot of website/blog.

* Reorganize my computer lair to accommodate new hardware.

* Prepare for eventual deletion of certain social media accounts.

Down the road:

* Lament about how little I actually accomplished.

Finally got GladOS-9000 outfitted with Ubuntu 18.10. Every game in My Steam library seems to be running fine.

It's going to be interesting working with Ubuntu after years of running opensuse.

Until I have the cash and space for dual monitors, I need to look into a simple DVI switch for my current setup.

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i'm not a professional hacker or anything but one of my skills is helping people be more anonymous online and some of us need all the help we can get

so if fascism is on the rise in your country i think i can help you with tips to stay safer, although my work alone won't suffice. if you think i can do anything for you, hit me up!

boosts welcome

Some of my favorite Cory Doctorow books:
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Little Brother

In addition to spending some quality time with GladOS-9000, I think I'm going to binge read some Neil Gaiman to start off the new year.

My sanity project is now ready to drive me insane; GladOS-9000 is now online.

Sporting an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, 16 GB RAM, and an AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU, she is my new mid-range gaming rig.

Last night I installed Ubuntu 18.10 and Steam, and queued up my game library to install while I went to bed.

It is only a coincidence that no one else will be home tonight...

Started the day with a pot of coffee and a couple hours of Civilization 5, now time for a few errands and maybe some computer building time.

I am *really* going to dislike going back to work next Wednesday. 😉

It's time to interrupt working on my website to head into the city for this year's rendition of Disney on Ice.

I think the last time we did this was when my daughter was my granddaughter's age...

"Teacher said that whenever a bell rings, Santa downs another shot."

🎅🔔 🍸 🎅 🔔 🍸 🎅 🔔 🍸
And that's why Jingle Bells is his favorite song.

Merry Christmas, Fediverse!

I really enjoy Christmas music. Especially if it ever was played by Dr. Demento.

I will be fine tuning my WordPress website over my holiday break. Does anyone have suggestions for a good all purpose theme?

While working on the reboot for my website, I realized just how broad my online footprint is.

It looks like one of my projects for 2019 will be culling a good portion of my email addresses, web logins, social media accounts, and the like.

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