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Normally I build and develop our large C++ project on my 40 core Xeon workstation at work. This weekend I started to build it it on my trusty 4 core thinkpad t520 laptop.

... time passes ...

Some say, to this very day it is still compiling.

So much of capitalism is the act of getting in the way and then charging money to let things go by.

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I need a real time chat solution for a community of volunteers (arround 100 persons, probably will grow).
Must have:
- e2e encryption
- group chatrooms
- federation

What would you go for? or

@Tayo I sort of do this with procmail. Things from known matches get pre-filed into Maildir folders. I then pay attention to different folders differently.

Anything not matched goes to a "default" folder which tends to be rich in messages I want to deal with like your whitelist would. As new "gray" shows up often enough in "default" I add new rules to the procmail config to send them down to their own folder.

Having Monday off this week has made me feel a day behind reality. I've already missed two meetings thinking they were scheduled for the following day.

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@wesley to me it's like writing in a genre with very strict tropes.

@ndegruchy Firefox and uMatrix sometimes gets Google Search pages in a fast reload loop, terminating in Google thinking I'm an evil bot.

In the US today we have our day off to celebrate our presidents. We still lack a day off to vote for them.

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@daum3ns this would protect against attacks mounted on your local devices to crack the password store encryption. If that's in your "threat model" then go for it.

I feel the security of my Linux boxes are the least worry. I worry more about rogue android apps. So I keep the password store off my phone entirely.

I also worry about the security of services. So unique passwords and 2FA to them if they support it.

What's "best" really depends on what threats we want to protect against.

@daum3ns Reasonable to try. My experience with yubikey is it was too awkward to put in the middle of SSH or GPG. I decided that per device SSH private keys in encrypted files served by an agent was good enough security and segmentation. Likewise, encrypted password store on self-hosted sharing ("pass" with self-hosted Gitea) is sufficient. Whatever is done, definitely only one password per service.

@daum3ns For sure! And who knows! SK is fairly innovative, lately pushing funding science hard. Maybe they'll help lead the way.

@daum3ns A good sign, but I'm cautious in declaring any kind of Free Software victory. My prediction is that MicroSoft has already begun to engage SK decision makers to reverse this decision. It may take a year or more to see the outcome of their action, but we've seen this pattern before. I'm thinking of Munich.

@arax That's difficult. I'm in a position to refuse to participate in FB. But, I face a similar situation in being pressured to use MicroSoft file formats. I will at least complain to the group and explain the ramification of choosing the media.

Of course, don't let any of this spoil your enjoyment of your prom!

@arax I find blocking FB domains in DNS highly effective! 👍

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*dodges Facebook ads because Fedora doesn't ship with MP3/MP4 by default*

@micahilbery @pixelfed I just tried out and it seems to work fine. It's on F-droid.

Does anyone have a way to import photos and albums from imgur into ? Maybe some or script?

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