USA Today (the Gannett news site)'s GDPR-compliant website (their "EU experience") is a shining example of web design. It didn't bring me to tears, but it wasn't far off; if I'd had any pre-existing emotional attachment to it, it would've.

When I visited, it loaded resources from but three domains: the single HTML page from one, the CSS file from another and all of the images from an in-house CDN. There was no JavaScript, and there was no need for JavaScript.

Even the HTML was readable!

USA Today's normal site, on the other hand, is abysmal. It took so long to load, and was just cluttered; I couldn't get around it, I couldn't read, there were ads and tracking scripts everywhere, and my laptop's CPU spiked.

What is the benefit to them of providing that by default? The EU version made me want to go back, and I don't even know if USA Today is a reliable news source! But the other… I was actively repulsed by it.

I would pay for a reliable news site that looked like their EU one.


@wizzwizz4 I don't normally visit it but trying it now (from inside the US), it loads quickly and looks good with firefox+uMatrix. The latter blocks something like eight 3rd party sites worth of content.

I'm actually surprised USA Today rendered so well. Many "news" sites are blank with uMatrix active. When they fail to load, it's often a good sign to me they aren't worth visiting in the first place. 🤔

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