fd log4j --exec rm -fv {}

Hint: fd is "find" fork writen on rust

Just joke)

Static site more living vs site with js, animated content, webasm, ads banners and others?

Hello everybody!
Advice please markdown editor/viewer for console usage :blobfoxcomputer:

Just one line script for get random pictures!

while true; do wget -O $RANDOM.jpg source.unsplash.com/random; sleep 3; done

For stop - CTRL+C

Hello! Advice please browser for armeabi(-v7a) device, the over old device. For just view text.

What is more security issues?

I'm find XMPP server for registration, but last domain just lol name...
"Your data for sale"

cat /dev/urandom

Good looking for random output

Local sync between devices (3 and up)
Choice method sync:
decentralized - file exists on all devices.
centralized - file existing on particular devices (2 devices synchronized).
Both - mixed methods.

Or the poll incorrect?

Music file format challenge:

Nice TUI, but lines with emojis...
Not support attachment send, only text.

toot - console client with TUI for Mastodon


Advised by @jason123santa

Advise please lightweight desktop clients for Mastodon

light - easy utility for control brightness

Just type:
light -S 10

Set brightness 10%


Guide for stress test your CPU

Start several terminal sessions with bash script-command:
while true; do ping -c 1; done

Warning: Do not use on old machines ⚠️

RAM consumption Firefox 94 vs Firefox 93

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